We may need to wait a while for Bambi

February 3, 2008

ET DVDLast night, Mrs Geek let the children choose which film they got to watch. They chose ET, another of those must watch children’s films! I will point out to those of you that have not watched ET (Shame on you!) that what follows may be considered as spoilers.

Watching this as a 7 year old, I remember crying my little eyes out, so I have to admit I was somewhat perplexed, the first time my son watched ET as he showed no sign of emotion at all. He is a soulless and heartless cold blooded being with no sense of empathy.

I think that this may have loured Mrs Geek into a false sense of security regarding letting our 4 year old daughter watch it. Initially she left them to it so that she might sit in the kitchen and have a cup of tea get on with work around the house.

This came to an abrupt end, when my Dear daughter burst into an uncontrolled fit of tears and was inconsolable. And this was at the beginning, when he gets left behind. What was she going to be like when he started knocking on deaths door.

Having been talked down off the ledge, and being thoroughly reassured at great length that ET would indeed get back to his parents, she wanted to go on watching. But alas Mummy’s free time opportunity to be a domestic goddess had come to an end.

So upon walking in after work I am greeted by the sight of my family all cuddled up on the sofa willing this ugly little beast back to life. My heart melted quicker than a chocolate button in the hand of a toddler.

So we may have scared my child for life … sometimes it is our scar tissue that provides us with character.

She may even have thawed the heart of her automaton brother just a little.



February 1, 2008

This would have freaked me out so much … but now I want a go! …