Quick Update

July 13, 2009

OK so I’ve been in hiding. No I have not had a run in with the Law or the Mafia. I have been hiding from procrastination.

Life has been kind of manic in the Geek household, particularly for Mr Geek. Along with all the “run of the mill” stuff that comes from having three kids, I am also trying build a photography business around my day job.

Now I am certainly not going to complain about having success, particularly in the current financial climate, I have started to have more work on than is achievable with any degree of comfort.

This has meant burning the candle at both ends, and a bit in the middle for good measure. I have thus had to be somewhat disciplined in the things I have allowed to cause distraction.

Alas, as much as I truly enjoy it when I am in the swing of things, blogging is both time consuming and very much a me thing. Thus it is a luxury that is hard to justify.

But I’m here now, so I’ll update you on some of the things that have happened in the Geek household lately.

The biggest thing since last time is probably Maggie’s first birthday.
She really had a good time. Her birthday was spread across a week with a party for her and her cousins on the Saturday before, a party on the day and a party the following weekend when my parents came up to visit … What can I say she is a party girl!

Bart and Lisa finished school for the summer on Wednesday, but more on that later.

Today Bart and Lisa have gone off with my parents for a week in a caravan. So once again we are back down to one child. When we had only one, we felt it was hectic/manic/our lives revolved around him, now to go back down to one child seems opulently luxurious. It is just like the story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.
I love my kids with all my heart, but it is quite nice to be given the opportunity to miss them once in a while 😀

However this week is due to be quite a busy one. We are clearing a stretch of garden, for the trampoline that hopefully arrives Wednesday as well as getting everything ready to go camping. Oh how I long for some time relaxing in the sun. In my head the days will be lounging by the pool reading books, but I strongly suspect it is more likely to be filled with playing with the kids in some body of water.

Ok so I rambled a bit, but there you have it, I have posted again for the first time in 2 moths and 19 days (According to Wolfram Alpha)


Miscellaneous Update

April 22, 2009

This weekend was rather full. It started for me with a BBQ with the Shipmates from The kids club that my children had been attending at my friend’s church. I longed to take pictures of some of the antics, but I was forced to fall back on my iPhone camera, which unless it has buckets of light, I would be better off drawing you a picture! I do have a perfectly acceptable point-and-shoot camera; however the charger has decided to give up, so it is currently acting as a paper-weight on my desk 😦

At the BBQ Lisa got her face painted which is lovely until it is time for bed. War broke out between Mrs Geek and Lisa over the removal, and peace was finally declared when I offered to take a photo of it … I’m glad I did.


Saturday morning we took kites to the park [1][2] (who knew parks had webpages?), and fought with the fact that there was little to no wind. (No photos 😦 )

When we got back we let the kids play out for a bit, when Lisa fell and hit her bottom on a concrete flower basin. After being given chocolate for being brave (she is a total chocoholic!) all was forgotten, or so we thought.

At lunch Mrs Geek put the kids in charge, so Bart decided he was going to have a Scooby-Doo Sandwich.


While Maggie failed to locate where she was meant to be putting the food.


Much to Mrs Geek’s delight, my rugby match was cancelled, so we all headed off to another of the local parks [1][2] to make the most of the rare sunshine that we have been experiencing. Mrs Geek’s Gran had given the kids some money to get themselves something for Easter, so we allowed them to get scooters to take to the park, Again I am frustrated that I have no photos of these, but I do have Lisa on the train!

All Aboard

That evening Mrs Geek and I took an all too rare opportunity to get a baby-sitter and went to friends’ for dinner. Good food, good company … It was all rather civilised 🙂

Sunday we went to the church service that rounded off the kids club, and then went to the beach to see if we could get more luck with the kites (we didn’t 😦 )

But whist we were out, Lisa again repeatedly needed to go to the bathroom. Initially we just put it down to her being fussy and silly, but when I took her there was a large bruise and a little blood in the bowl.

NHS Direct told us to take her to A&E (English for ER). 4 hours of waiting, one movie on the iPhone (Beethoven), numerous games of the ABC game, a bottle of Diet Coke (I needed to get her to give a sample) and 3 waiting room story books later, we were told that it was she had a minor infection and given a course of antibiotics and that it was “likely to be coincidental”. How reassuring.

The Patient

However it seems like she seems to be ok again and it gave us her another experience of going to the doctor without having the inflict any pain, so her fear of the medical profession seems to be subsiding.


January 9, 2009

Over the Christmas holidays Mrs Geek’s Gran (Joyce) lost her husband, known to the kids simply as Pat. It was not entirely unexpected, but it was not exactly a drawn out affair either.

It does however introduce the conundrum of where Joyce should now live. She is currently living in Scotland, where Pat’s family are, but none of her children are there and while she is she not exactly incapable of looking after herself, she does require a certain amount of care, and while Pat’s daughter has historically taken much of the load, it seems unreasonable to expect her to continue to do so now that Pat is gone. So on top of loosing her husband, Joyce is now looking at having to up sticks and move back to England.

Now while he was not exactly Mrs Geek’s grandfather as such, to my children he was.

It is hard to describe Pat. I don’t really feel I knew him myself all that well because he was a quiet man that kept himself to himself. For the first 5 years of knowing Mrs Geek, I bet I had only ever got 10 words out of him. Couple this with the fact that they lived in Scotland it was hard to know exactly how the kids would take the news. We actually found out on boxing day, but held off telling them until last weekend as we saw no benefit to spoiling their Christmas.

To be honest they took it as well as could be expected. They were both fairly stoic. I explained that he had been very poorly. But you could see that there were a lot of questions bouncing around in their heads, waiting to be answered.

Bart asked about specifics, what was wrong with him, what had caused it etc.

Lisa even asked if mummy was going to die because she was poorly (Mrs Geek, like almost everyone else I seem to have spoken to, had the bug that was going around this Christmas).

I hate having to break bad news to my kids, but to some extent they seem better emotionally balanced to deal with these things than I am.

I promise to be more up beat on my next post

Back To Work

December 2, 2008

Yesterday was not the beginning of a renewed absence. Yesterday I got to enjoy the madness that is fulltime parenting two out of my three offspring.

Yesterday being the 1st of December was the notional date we set for Mrs Geek’s return to work. It also happened to be the day that our children’s school designated as a “Governor’s Day”. What a Governor’s Day exactly is and how it relates to the children not going in to school I don’t know (my suspicions are that it is an opportunity for the teachers to catch-up on their Christmas shopping). We it would make most sense not to change the arrangements and I would look after the oldest two.

It sounded so reasonable to have 6 months maternity leave before Maggie arrived… But the idea of having to return to work and leave her still tiny baby hit Mrs Geek a while back and it has been hanging over her ever since. It is mitigated by the fact that baby Maggie is going to be cared for by Mrs Geeks mum.

I wish it were not the case that money is the reason for the decision, but it really is financially crippling for Mrs Geek to be off work. I know she takes no pleasure in realising that she is a victim of her own success.

I have said this before, but I really am overwhelmingly proud of Mrs Geek’s achievements, but we have now settled into a lifestyle that really does require both of our wages. Especially seeing as she significantly out earns me. I came to terms with this a long time ago, but it was much easier when we were all happy with the arrangement. Now however I am left with the dent in my machismo that smarts every time I think about the fact that I am failing in my societally expected duty of providing for my family.

Thankfully the day went well. Pupils came to her and said how much they had missed her, I had a good time with the oldest two (who were fun and frustrating in nearly equal measures), and as much as it may have been a dent to Mrs Geek’s ego, Maggie seemed perfectly happy with the new arrangement.

That said… We are all making adjustments at the moment to make this work so it is a trying time in our household. Wish us luck 🙂

On The Subject Of Being Busy

November 24, 2008

Over the past few months as I mentioned, I have been horrendously busy. Now I have made all my best efforts to ensure that I don’t neglect seeing my children as much as is possible, but it is impossible to put in the hours and be there for the children as much as I would have liked. However at the moment, we need the money, and when needs must…

This is not a credit crunch thing… to be honest I don’t think that has hit us at all yet (other than a slight increase in mortgage).

Last year through a rather long winded process Mrs Geek and I decided that we were not getting on with Bart’s local school. The specifics result in a long story that we can skip, but the long and the short of it was that we decided that we should look elsewhere and we came to the conclusion that for Bart, the best option was to go private.

And I will go on record now that for us it was totally the right decision. He has gone from being really turned off of school to really being enthused again (in the summer he was counting down the days until he went back). His results are good. All is well.

Lisa is now at the same school, and after a brief settling in period, she seems to be really loving it too (don’t as about her parents evening or I will really get all gushy).

It is however a rather expensive luxury. And with Mrs Geek still being on maternity leave, it means that we have to watch the pennies. I have therefore taken as much work as I can get, which has left me not getting to see as much of the people I keep telling myself I am doing it for.

I can live with this. I just convince myself that it is all for the best, and that I am doing what is right for them, and it really is what I believe, but at this time of year where every which way you look there is some story telling us that “Christmas Presence is more important than Christmas Presents!”.

To this I will say … Bah Humbug!

Third Baby Syndrome

July 21, 2008

I think we may have a touch of TBS (Third Baby Syndrome) … let me explain

With Bart everything was new, so we tried to take everyone’s advice. Even mutually contradictory advice. Even though he was breastfed we sterilised everything. We used non-bio washing powder, no wet-wipes just cotton wool and water. They don’t tell you of the paranoia a new baby induces.

Young Damocles

And then there is the single worst piece of advice that we were given by anyone. “Breast fed babies don’t need winding” … now in retrospect that seems ludicrous … but we were young and stupid, so we believed what we had been told, and this by a mid-wife too.

They say that dogs can “Smell fear”, well I think babies can too. Hence Bart was a somewhat unsettled baby.

Having learnt from the mistakes we made at Bart’s expense, Lisa had a far smoother ride, and maybe unsurprisingly she was a far more contented baby. She still got to have all new things, being that she was a girl and you can’t put blue on a girl!?!

Now we are at baby number 3. We have almost everything from before (not to mention the things Mrs Geeks sister has now accumulated for us), so she gets some of the luxuries that we couldn’t afford for the other two (It sound so unfair when you put it like that).

The theory was that we are now experts in this field, still making mistakes, but they are far less frequent (although I am booked on a course away for 4 days this week … That was seriously unwise, I’ll get to that in another post). But all in all Maggie seems the most calm and happy of our babies so far.

We were discussing this and other musings this morning, in a moment of mutual self satisfaction and “Aren’t we such good parents” refection, when it occurred to Mrs Geek that we have been so relaxed about the whole thing, that we had not registered the birth! We are not quiet at the stage where this is criminal, but it was close.

So she might not have wind or a sore bottom, but legally so far she does not even exist!

That good parenting halo might need a little polish 😉

The names have been changed to protect the innocent(ish)

July 10, 2008

You may or may not have noticed that I have attempted to keep my blog semi-anonymous. Don’t go thinking that I am some privacy junkie or that I am paranoid (because we all know it is not paranoia if they REALLY ARE OUT TO GET YOU … right?

It is simply that this is my blog, and I want to be able to say what I want to say without it reflecting on either Mrs Geek or my children. For example, I have very different views on many things to those of my wife who teaches in a Catholic Highschool. Now I don’t believe that I have said anything particularly controversial, but I reserve the right to do so in the future, without the fear of it being used against her. I therefore do not want my blog to show up when someone types either my name or indeed Mrs Geek’s or any of our children’s names into google.

So until now I have used the generic terms “My Son” and “My Daughter” to distinguish between them, but as you know I now have another little one to add to the mix! It would not take many lines of typing before I got fed-up of typing “My Eldest Daughter” or “My Baby Girl” (Not to mention the jealousy that it would cause my Eldest Daughter to think that she no longer fit that role).

So I have been racking my brains for a suitable set of pseudonyms. I read other blogs with children with pseudonyms Tendrils’ has Punky (On reflection I am only guessing that is a pseudonym as it would be somewhat unusual in this country, but who knows what you yanks are like (Tendrils – Please for give me if I am wrong)), RC has her Little Dude, Book Mama had Book Boy (formerly known as Big Brother and Little Sister, Alias Mother has the Buddha Baby and Twisted Cinderella has her Princess… but I did not feel that any of these fit for our specific mix of personalities. After much head scratching on my part, my son unwittingly (and probably much to the chagrin of Mrs Geek) gave me the inspiration for the rechristening of our little cast of characters.

As I may have pointed out, my son was really hoping that our youngest would be a boy, so we were worried that he may be a little disappointed if (as was the case) the baby turned out to be a little girl, to which he informed us that it would be “ok because that would make us the same as the Simpsons!”.

And much to our amazement it fits all too well.

My son henceforth to be known as Bart is high energy, quite rebellious, not exactly adverse to breaking the odd rule and he has developed skateboarding skills that I can only dream of.

My eldest daughter is obviously Lisa. While being far less in your face than her brother, she still seems to have a well formed sense of quite self belief. Hopefully she will grow up with a better self image than her fictional counterpart, and stay away from all the Millhouse’s of the world.

As for my youngest, she has yet to shoot anyone, but she has the dummy (Pacifier) thing sorted.

Not Mr Geek!

Not Mr Geek!

That is as far as this analogy goes! Despite my ever expanding waistline I am certainly not to be likened to Homer! I do not have a dead end job, I do not have an eating problem, I have not been into space and I am currently not going bald (but the genetics are not in my favour)

I do however have a wife that is way too good for me so I will leave any other comparisons to Marge lest that ceases to be the case!