Miscellaneous Update

April 22, 2009

This weekend was rather full. It started for me with a BBQ with the Shipmates from The kids club that my children had been attending at my friend’s church. I longed to take pictures of some of the antics, but I was forced to fall back on my iPhone camera, which unless it has buckets of light, I would be better off drawing you a picture! I do have a perfectly acceptable point-and-shoot camera; however the charger has decided to give up, so it is currently acting as a paper-weight on my desk 😦

At the BBQ Lisa got her face painted which is lovely until it is time for bed. War broke out between Mrs Geek and Lisa over the removal, and peace was finally declared when I offered to take a photo of it … I’m glad I did.


Saturday morning we took kites to the park [1][2] (who knew parks had webpages?), and fought with the fact that there was little to no wind. (No photos 😦 )

When we got back we let the kids play out for a bit, when Lisa fell and hit her bottom on a concrete flower basin. After being given chocolate for being brave (she is a total chocoholic!) all was forgotten, or so we thought.

At lunch Mrs Geek put the kids in charge, so Bart decided he was going to have a Scooby-Doo Sandwich.


While Maggie failed to locate where she was meant to be putting the food.


Much to Mrs Geek’s delight, my rugby match was cancelled, so we all headed off to another of the local parks [1][2] to make the most of the rare sunshine that we have been experiencing. Mrs Geek’s Gran had given the kids some money to get themselves something for Easter, so we allowed them to get scooters to take to the park, Again I am frustrated that I have no photos of these, but I do have Lisa on the train!

All Aboard

That evening Mrs Geek and I took an all too rare opportunity to get a baby-sitter and went to friends’ for dinner. Good food, good company … It was all rather civilised 🙂

Sunday we went to the church service that rounded off the kids club, and then went to the beach to see if we could get more luck with the kites (we didn’t 😦 )

But whist we were out, Lisa again repeatedly needed to go to the bathroom. Initially we just put it down to her being fussy and silly, but when I took her there was a large bruise and a little blood in the bowl.

NHS Direct told us to take her to A&E (English for ER). 4 hours of waiting, one movie on the iPhone (Beethoven), numerous games of the ABC game, a bottle of Diet Coke (I needed to get her to give a sample) and 3 waiting room story books later, we were told that it was she had a minor infection and given a course of antibiotics and that it was “likely to be coincidental”. How reassuring.

The Patient

However it seems like she seems to be ok again and it gave us her another experience of going to the doctor without having the inflict any pain, so her fear of the medical profession seems to be subsiding.


An Eventful Weekend

September 9, 2008

To those of you that don’t keep up with me on Twitter, I managed to put my back out on Saturday playing rugby. Well actually that probably gives be a little too much credit. I was about to play rugby as I only made it to part way in to minute number 3.

As I led on the ground in pain the one thing that went through my mind was “Mrs Geek is going to KILL me”.

It would be fair to say that there is mounting pressure for me to “reduce my exposure to rugby” as it is a large amount of time that I could (and I will concede maybe should) otherwise be spending with my family. So the thought of returning home broken the day before Maggie’s Baptism (I will post that separately) was not an appealing one. It was not helped by the fact that my team were beaten so badly that I am not sure that we managed even to come second.

I have therefore spent the last few days eating enough tablets to make me rattle and smelling like … well I know nowhere else that smells like it other than sports changing rooms. The overwhelming whiff of liniment.

Fast forward to Monday, I was told by my doctor that I should go to the worlds largest time sink … A&E (for the Americans out there that is the UK equivalent of the ER without the gun shot wounds).

Bad Back

So after an uncharacteristically short wait of about 2 hours, the doctor told me that the good news was that it was not broken … WTF !?! How was that even under consideration? And if it was, why did I not get a somewhat speedier treatment!

So I returned home with the same advice that I had self prescribed … it is simply a muscle pull, take Paracetamol and Ibruprofen and feel sorry for yourself (OK so I added the last bit).

Cosmetic Injury

March 10, 2008

Once again I am have been given a gentle reminder that my indestructibility seems to have worn off.

Let me start by saying that as captain of my team I am responsible for ensuring I have a team for the match, and as things stood on the Saturday morning I was still a player short.

Now it sounds simple enough that the team below us is supposed to pass up their player and request downwards etc, but alas it is all too easy to come up with reasons that any given player is “unable” to change plans. Thus it is always wise to go with a some form of leverage, and being that our game was due to finish before the start of their game I suggested that some of my players might be interested in a second game and thus quid pro quo.

However our game did not go overly well and all of a sudden the international match looked more appealing to many of my players than the thought of staying out in the rain and getting battered and bruised any further. I attempted to remind them that this is what they choose to do for recreation, but to most the allure of a warm bar and a big screen was too great, so as seems to be the way I had to fall on my sword and offer myself up (Does it sound like I may be protesting too much? I must remind you that Mrs Geek does occasionally read this so it needs to be convincing … shhh).

In all honesty it was rather pleasant to play for them. It meant that I didn’t walk away from the day without tasting victory at least once (don’t even speak of the International debacle that I was all too lucky to have missed).

Too Old For ThisIt did also leave me with another souvenir of the day.

To be honest it looks worse than it feels and at least it gives other people the opportunity to be a stand up comedian. It is what we always used to describe as a “Cosmetic Injury” as it makes it look as though you have been doing a lot without the associated pain. Unfortunately Mrs Geek’s well of sympathy regarding rugby injuries seems to have run dry, but that makes me feel less guilty about telling everyone I meet that it is a result of her temper at my leaving the laundry discarded on the bedroom floor once to often.

On reflection, maybe two games in a day is a little too much at my age. If nothing else maybe I should take care to protect my ravishing good looks.

Ear ear

January 19, 2008

Apologies for my absence recently. In the words of Merlin Mann – “I’m realizing retroactively it’s on a hiatus.”

So I will give a brief ear update. I have now got the bandage off, which has exposed the little world of disgustingness that is my ear.

Mmm how lovely

Not exactly an oil painting before hand but it really is not very pretty now huh?

HRH Queen Of Drama

January 14, 2008

… some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Well I am angling for the later when it comes to how I achieved the noble position of official “Drama Queen” of the day.

I know umpteen blokes that have had cauliflower ears, and as far as I was aware it was a simple procedure to drain it and be on my way. This, alas, was not to be.

As I detailed earlier, I got to hospital at 4pm yesterday afternoon, and waited for a theatre to become free, so that they could clean out my ear… and I waited … and I waited.

If patience is good for the soul, they fixed more than just my ear. At 8:30pm I was taken through to the theatre for my op. I awoke rather groggy late yesterday evening for some tablets and then promptly passed out until about 6:30 this morning. The reason I got up was because the lady was doing the rounds with the breakfasts, and I was starving. So 34 hours after my last meal I am greeted by a bowl of cornflakes! To say I was disappointed would be quite the understatement, but that being said … It was the most welcome bowl of cornflakes I had ever had.

After a touch more waiting the doctor told me that it all went well and that once they had brought me my meds, I was free to leave. So I waited … Two hours later they arrived … so I was free to go … except I needed a doctors note … another hour later I was told that I merely had to go and pick one up at the office. It would appear that my newly acquired position of royalty doesn’t get you very far in an NHS hospital.

So I have returned home, wrapped up like King Tut’s hypochondriac older brother, and I feel like I have not eaten since his burial. So forgive me for keeping it short, I have to go get a pizza.

I have included a picture for your general amusement

Drama Queen

I have lost my Superpower

January 9, 2008

It was not so long ago when I was indestructible. Now I am not talking about the arrogance of youth that makes them believe that they are indestructible, I actually was indestructible. If only I had realised at the time!

That is the only way that I can explain how I managed to play rugby for nearly 20 years with no injuries worth noting. Sure I would ache on a Sunday, but there was something noble and satisfying about aching that said that I must have put everything into the game.

That however was before turning 30. Everyone asked me the “is it weird”, “do you feel old now” type questions on the big day, and genuinely I didn’t. However, unbeknown to me this must have been the expiry date on the indestructibility. It would seem it was only valid for the first 30 years as now I seem to be falling apart. I feel like Clark Kent, in Superman II, when he gives up his powers and gets battered in the cafe. Only I don’t have a crystal castle in which to regain my powers.

Let me explain. About half way through last season I got a smack in the face, and bizarrely the whiplash caused me to have pain in my left shoulder. Bad enough in fact to make need 2 weeks off, this had never happened before. Injuries just aren’t meant to last 2 weeks!

Then at the end of the season I tweaked my knee, so innocuously that I actually do not remember doing it, but again this caused me (or at least gave me an excuse) not to train over the summer.

The thing is, I am still carrying the effects of these injuries up to this day! Now I will admit that I have not had any proper treatment on them, but how would I do that? I can not go into the doctor and say my shoulder and my knee ache a bit, but not enough to stop me running or playing rugby … just a bit.

In fact I did go to the doctor about the knee, and her advice was to stay off it! How exactly am I supposed to stay off of it? Is she really suggesting that I stay at home, or should I request a wheelchair for my slightly aching leg?

The reason I mention it now, is that I am finding it increasingly difficult to find a position in which I am comfortable enough to fall to sleep. This caused either of 2 things, I either go to bed at a sensible time and spend ages rolling around trying to get settled (which isn’t helping the popularity with Mrs Geek, I am obviously doing it just to annoy her), or I stay up until I am so tired that I fall in spite of the discomfort. Neither of these sound like an ideal solution.

So why not just give up rugby? Well …

To look at me you might, if you were being polite, say that I am somewhat robust. What can I say, some people eat to live, I live to eat! Rugby is the main thing that stops me from ballooning into Pavarotti (apart from the lack of singing talent … and the continued breathing)

And the fact is I am only 31. My dad played until he was over 50. I really enjoyed, as a young man playing alongside my dad (or even better for the opposition against him). I would hate to think that my son will not get to do the same. But what chance have I got of that? 10 more years of not sleeping properly? I could be mighty cranky by then.