Little Angel

December 5, 2008

TaDaThis week was Lisa’s school nativity play. I was asked to be the “Official Photographer” type person, and put together a slideshow for the parents, as in the past they had got a company in to video it, but it ended costing too much money. This meant that I got to go to every performance including the dress rehearsal and have pretty much unrestricted access to wander around taking photo’s. I also got access to the sound desk to record a track to put the music to the slideshow.

I was in heaven… I have mentioned before that I am a sucker for Christmas, mix Christmas with one of my children on stage and I am one very proud and happy Geek, allow me to take my camera and I might just burst!

SmileNot so long ago I would have totally bought in to the little angel thing, but recently she has become significantly more naughty disobedient rebellious … lets say “wilful”. But speaking to her teacher, you get the impression that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

So why the Jackal and Hyde, is she reserving her good behaviour for in school? I’ll admit it’s better than vice versa, but she really does seem to be testing where the boundaries are. I suppose to be honest, I don’t blame her. She gets away with far too much, but who could stay grumpy with this little angel?



Happy Thanks Giving

November 27, 2008
Thanks To Mrs V for finding this one again.

Thanks To Mrs V for finding this one again.

I am British (English to be precise), so I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. I am therefore a little shaky on the details. I know, or at least I believe I know, it to be to do with the early pilgrim settlers being thankful for their first harvest and the help afforded to them by the natives, resulting in the two tribes sharing a celebratory meal. How much of that is apocryphal and how much is true, I don’t know… But what is thanksgiving to modern Americans? Is it a bit like harvest festival over here? Is it just a chance to have a few days off work?

For my sister-in-law it is all about shopping. She is off to the “Great Big US of A” to visit her brother and from what I can understand accompanied by my brother-in-laws significant other, they plan to attempt to see how far they can go to stimulate the American economy. However with the recent dollar-sterling rate changes recently, there are likely to be significantly fewer dollars to do the stimulation 😦

For me it just legitimises my ongoing campaign that we should be listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. This has been the case in my house for about three weeks already, but as of thanksgiving I am far less likely to get moaned at for it 😀 (I think I am the only person that starts playing Christmas music before the stores)

But without getting too mushy, I think that there is something to be said for giving thanks before the festival that is Christmas. A chance to stop and take stock of all the wonderful things that we often take for granted. Many of the things I concern my self with really are First World Problems, so without wanting to sound like Bono, I am glad that I know that there will be food on the plate at Christmas, presents under the tree and loved ones with which to share this Christmas.

Operation Christmas ChildThis is why I am so cross that, due to my bad blogger absence, I am too late to plug this year’s Operation Christmas Child appeal. So if you haven’t heard of it (or your local equivalent) please give it a click and put it in your diary for next year.

I’ll leave you with a message from Bing…

I would like to thank all those that made it possible …

September 2, 2008

How is this for Irony, I received an blog award and, as if to prove my unworthiness, it takes me nearly 2 weeks to accept it.

I can talk about manic this and hectic life that, but others including the stoic bestower of said award still seem able to keep going.

That said however I am not one to pass up an award, deserved or not … So here it is

My Award

Now it is my turn to pass the baton. Many of the blogs that I read have already been the recipient of this award [1] [2], however there are two blogs that I seem to have become neglected a little recently, that never the less bring a smile to my face when I see them in my bloglines.

Thankfully (after a few of her regulars sent out a search party) Helen is alive and well(ish) and very deserving.

Also MIA is Tendrils, hopefully we shall hear from her again soon.

(I have to admit that I have rushed this out to avoid it being any longer before I acknowledged the award, so if I have missed you out, feel free to moan and I will address it later)

One Happy Geek

July 11, 2008

Well iPhone day is here!

And after a rather convoluted 4 hour process I am now in possession of a 3G iPhone.

I will leave you with my unboxing photos to show you that I really am a geek. (It also achieves the effect of mocking my best mate Guy who failed to pick one up)

Here It Is


As you may have guessed, this post was written on my new iPhone.

This Happy Amnesia

January 27, 2008

On friday I got to feel the new baby kicking for the first time.

Mrs Geek has been able to feel it for a couple of weeks now, but she is a little closer to the action.

Feeling your baby kick for the first time is wonderful, truly an experience to be savoured and I will admit to both of us sitting there for quite a while in quiet rapture.

However I am also aware that a good friend of ours, who is currently due any day now, has been complaining for a couple of months, that she is being kicked and elbowed and generally abused from the inside. So when does it turn from this quiet and charming miracle change into a cut scene from alien with this creature trying to escape from your body by kicking its way through your ribcage.

The more interesting thing is that this is not our first. So you would think that Mrs Geek would be a little more apprehensive, but she seems blissfully unaware of what is in store, even labour seems to have been quite charming when looked at through the misty rose tinted vail of 4 years. What is it about pregnancy that causes such an effective amnesia?

I am sure if I could bottle it there would be a market for it somewhere.

What a lovely way of sayin’ how much you love me

January 25, 2008

When we found out that we were having our first baby, Little Miss Arts Student (Now Mrs Geek) was still in her final year of university, and I was living at the opposite end of the country for my job. Now I am not a person that pays much time to regrets, but this is one of my biggest regrets in life. It meant that I missed much of the day to day changes of the early stages of the pregnancy.

Fast forward a couple of years and we decide that we will try for a new baby also. Well as a red blooded young (ish) man having watched far too much TV on how difficult it was to get pregnant (Only Fools and Horses and the film Maybe Baby were my chief sources of information) I must admit I really was looking forward to the trying, only to find that we had achieved the goal within the first month. Bugger!Horay!.

However I got to experience my wife’s pregnancy from start to finish. Now I will say it now and I will try not to repeat it too much in any manner that can be used in evidence but my wife is beautiful. I see people thinking all too often, and have to admit it myself, she is a good way out of my league. However she was foolish enough or drunk enough or more likely both to fall for me so who am I to grumble.

18 Weeks

But on top of this, and as cheesy as it sounds, when pregnant she glows. Not in the old ready brek kind of way you understand, but she just seems to have something very magical about her. It is bizarre. I don’t want it to sound like a fetish or anything creepy, it really isn’t anything course like that, it is just that some how between the nausea and the fatigue, she radiates something that I can not describe in anything other than gushy nonsense. Alas she married a crass rugby playing physicist rather than an artsy fartsy poet (proof by example), and so I again find myself falling short of what she deserves.

So fast forward another three years and the topic of having another child comes up for serious discussion. I would be lying if I told you that the thought of not seeing her pregnant again did not enter into my thought process when we were deciding whether to have another baby. Now don’t get me wrong I want another baby, but watching my wife blossom and go through this journey all over again also went a good way to sweeten the deal.

The thing is that this is one more than we had originally planned, I know that she does not like the idea of saying “no more”, and I believe that any sign that I might be willing to have more will one day be used against me, but that way lies people carriers and bankruptcy. So how do I convince myself that enough is enough and that I have been lucky to have witnessed this miracle twice (if not thrice).

Looking inside the bump

January 22, 2008

Today marked the beginning of Week 20 and as if to mark the day we went in for the Second Scan. There is something really cool about going for the ultra-sound. I will admit, probably better for me than Mrs Geek, as I got to watch the whole time while the technician took all the measurements.

The image is incredible, you can see the hands and feet, you could to count the vertebrae if you had the inclination (and the time). However for some reason they only have 2D Scans with a very limited depth of vision. Why. I get that this is the NHS, but they could charge £10 for a DVD of their session and the machine would pay for itself.

I digress, As much as I may bitch and moan, it was a great experience. So here is a picture of inside the Bump.

20 Week Scan