A Wonderful Teacher

July 13, 2009

As mentioned in my last post, Bart and Lisa finished school for the summer on Wednesday and thus ends Lisa’s first year of school! Where did that go! I don’t know if anyone else had the misfortune of watching the Adam Sandler film Click (Good concept, poorly executed, not recommended), but if feels like somebody is pressing fast forward and I really want them to stop!

I know that Lisa had a slight pang of hesitancy at moving on from the reception class, but her teacher had done such a good job at coaching them that moving on was the next natural step and that it was particularly exciting she really did not seem to find it very hard at all. I wish I found it quite so easy.

I was not quite so keen to let go of the past year. I loved taking my little girl in to class, slowly unpacking her stuff, big cuddles and goodbyes … but I’ll deal with it. The biggest pain for me was that she had been lucky enough to have best teacher in the world!

I know a number of people that read this blog (or at least that read it before my prolonged absence [tendrils and Mrs V] not to mention Mrs Geek) are teachers, but I hope they will forgive my bias. Even the great Mr Carr now has to settle for second place. Miss F (I think that remains anonymous enough) is to teachers what Mary Poppins is to Nannies … Practically perfect 🙂

I have tried and failed three times now to elaborate on how wonderful she has been. My trite offerings barley scratch the surface of how lucky Mrs Geek and I feel to have had someone we trusted so completely with our precious child’s transition from nursery to school life. A wonderful lady that clearly loves what she does. Who’s love for the children in her care was returned in bucket loads. Who understood the finer points of every child that she taught.

Having been through the same transition year with Bart, and a teacher that fought his character rather than attempted to engage him. Who tried to force him to comply rather than harnessing his enthusiasm. Thankfully he is thriving in his new school, and he has since re-found some of that enjoyment in learning that was so nearly lost, but I would give anything to have saved him that time, to have that time again so that he too could have had Miss F get the best out of him.

I just hope that she has no plans to move on before she gets to do her magic with Maggie!


On The Subject Of Being Busy

November 24, 2008

Over the past few months as I mentioned, I have been horrendously busy. Now I have made all my best efforts to ensure that I don’t neglect seeing my children as much as is possible, but it is impossible to put in the hours and be there for the children as much as I would have liked. However at the moment, we need the money, and when needs must…

This is not a credit crunch thing… to be honest I don’t think that has hit us at all yet (other than a slight increase in mortgage).

Last year through a rather long winded process Mrs Geek and I decided that we were not getting on with Bart’s local school. The specifics result in a long story that we can skip, but the long and the short of it was that we decided that we should look elsewhere and we came to the conclusion that for Bart, the best option was to go private.

And I will go on record now that for us it was totally the right decision. He has gone from being really turned off of school to really being enthused again (in the summer he was counting down the days until he went back). His results are good. All is well.

Lisa is now at the same school, and after a brief settling in period, she seems to be really loving it too (don’t as about her parents evening or I will really get all gushy).

It is however a rather expensive luxury. And with Mrs Geek still being on maternity leave, it means that we have to watch the pennies. I have therefore taken as much work as I can get, which has left me not getting to see as much of the people I keep telling myself I am doing it for.

I can live with this. I just convince myself that it is all for the best, and that I am doing what is right for them, and it really is what I believe, but at this time of year where every which way you look there is some story telling us that “Christmas Presence is more important than Christmas Presents!”.

To this I will say … Bah Humbug!

Entrusting the world with another of my offspring

September 3, 2008

I know she has been going to nursery, and I know she has been ready to go to school for the past year, but it my logic deserted me when Lisa got ready for her first day at “Big School”.


And for once there was very little protest at my need to photograph everything



So off we trotted to school only to find that, even after all the planning we were half an hour late.

Now I’m naming no names, **cough**Mrs Geek**cough**, but it would appear that we misread the instructions. But my brave little trooper just marched on in to her classroom and joined the rest of her class mates on the mat for a story.


Two and a half hours later, she was released from class. I asked how it was and if she enjoyed it, the answer I got was “It was fine”. There she goes again getting over excited 🙂 !?!

I can not tell you how proud I was of this little girl today … it does remind me of a song that I heard on the radio, which totally took me off balance as Paul Simon was totally not on my musical Radar … but I think it is possibly the most beautiful song I have ever heard (I know not exactly showing my masculine side today again)

I just would love to know if there was anything quite as wonderful about boys too.


July 15, 2008

Saturday was Lisa’s Sports Day, leavers’ show and awards ceremony, with her nursery.

IMG_1716Thankfully they managed to avoid the rain, so the Sports Day was not cancelled for the second time running. She was incredibly cute concentrating extremely hard and desperate not to cheat (thus she got beaten by the ruthless child with no ethics. I mean going on the “B” of the Bang is one thing but that little cheat deserved a good spanking… obviously I’m not bitter … honest 😉 )

IMG_1523As for the show and awards ceremony … it was emotional! We got a whole bunch of 4 year olds enacting various nursery rhymes and fairy stories. Lisa was a Swan in the story of the Ugly Duckling … a masterful rendition, the absolute embodiment of the role.

IMG_1585Then it was the awards ceremony. They gave out the swimming certificates and coasters with the children’s photos etc and Lisa won the Millennium award for being the all-round “best” pupil. Well if pride is one of the deadly sins … I could have a problem. I almost burst with joy.

A Teacher Opens The Window To Tomorrow

June 12, 2008

I read a post on Tendrils’ blog yesterday and it got me thinking.

I think that teaching is possibly the most under appreciated profession in our society. Now I’ll declare my hand in that Mrs Geek is in fact a teacher, so I have a vested interest, but I will counter that with the fact that it gives me an insight into the Herculean efforts put in, often above and beyond the call of duty.

For a while, it was seen as the fall back profession for those that get to the end of their degree and fail to get any other meaningful employment, certainly when I finished University that was how it was viewed. But since then significant investment has been put in to make it a desirable job once again. At least that is one thing this government has got right.

But to the general populous in this country, the teacher is seen as little more than glorified childcare. You leave your children with these teachers, and hopefully they return them with a little bit more inside their heads.

Now I am going to sound like an old fellow with a cane and spectacles when I say that the problem with young folks today is that they have no respect for authority.

I don’t actually believe that to be true in general, most kids are good kids that when push comes to shove, know their boundaries. But there is that small slice of the pie that don’t. This in itself is not new, there were the “bad kids” when I went to school. What seems to have changed is that there is often very little parental support. If I was naughty at school, the thought of my parents being called in would have brought me into line pretty fast. This seems to no longer be the deterrent that it used to be. Worse, many parents actively undermine the authority of teachers by coming in and declaring that little Jonny is an angel and so any misbehaviour has been the fault of the teacher in question.

What people don’t see is the emotional investment that teachers put into their pupils. From the headache cases to heartbreak cases.

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. ~Author Unknown

There was a great advert on TV a while back, stating that everyone can one teacher that made a difference to them. This is certainly true for me. I had a number of good teachers, but I would like to go on record and say John Carr was not only a great teacher, but was also possibly one of the most inspirational and influential people in my time growing up. I owe a lot of who I am today to that man.

Thankyou Mr Carr

Growing Up

June 6, 2008

On Wednesday my sweet little girl went for a taster day at her new school. Mrs Geek and I were concerned that she would be daunted by going in to a class where she was the new girl, but far from it. She excitedly got the uniform on and was keen to be just like her brother.

I'm Ready

I was so proud of her I almost burst.

However I know that she has been going to nursery, but I can not seem to shake the feeling that it is another step on the path to her deciding that Daddy is no longer the greatest person on earth, and as much as I know she has to grow up at some stage … but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

And the thing is she is in such a hurry to grow up. The problem is that she is always following in the footsteps of her big brother, and she is trying to catch up, where as I want her to slow down and just enjoy being 4.

I really love the boy that my son has become (certain lapses in behaviour aside), but I already see the changes, the loss of youth mourn it for him. I no longer catch him just randomly singing like I used to, his TV programs are Ben 10 and Turtles instead of Bob the Builder and Andy Pandy.

Again, I know that this is all inevitable and that I need to let them grow up to be what they are going to be, and I am sure that I will love the people they turn into … However, just a little note to my babies … I’ll miss you.

Here are a few more pictures of my little princess waiting to be let loose on the world

Can we go nowStop taking photosWaiting

The Artful Dodger

March 12, 2008

DodgerToday my son’s school is going to watch Oliver! So they have all been given the option of going in dressed as a Dickensian street urchin.

Now this is no real stretch for my son as given the choice he would wear his oldest, scrattiest rags. He is 7 and I kid you not that some of his favourite trousers are from half his lifetime ago!

I just hope he is not the only one that turns up in fancy dress, or we could be in for some expensive therapy a little further down the line.