The Joys Of Spring

February 18, 2008

It would be something of an understatement to say that Mrs Geek suffers from SAD, in fact if I could be bothered to come up with a suitable acronym I would say that during the darker months she suffers from MISERY but I might be in danger of getting a slap!

However now that the sun had decided that we are once again to be blessed by it’s presence for long enough for it to burst through the monotone grey that has been the relentless backdrop for all things outdoors these last few months, she decided it was time to venture back out into our garden. Ahh …

One of my concerns when moving into our new house, was that it had a beautiful garden … Most home buyers would consider this a good thing, but it does make me feel guilty to take it from a thing of such beauty to blatant neglect in such a short period of time. And having been pretty much ignored for the entire winter … I had some catching up to do.

My garden is a tough mistress. When I am neglectful towards Mrs Geek, a bunch of flowers, a cup of tea in the morning and few complementary words and I tend to get through. My garden however is not quite so forgiving. Since my last excursion into my garden, my trees have all shed leaves. Little pixies have then come in to weld the leaves to path with their magical pixie glue, which it would seem is impervious all but the “Knock holes in the path” setting on the power wash. Not content with this they have coated the top of the leaves with a frictionless gel that causes me greater difficulty staying one my feet than Cristiano Ronaldo in a penalty area (Dirty cheating little …. I digress).

The bushes are against me too. they have grown so high that they are regularly being trimmed by low flying aircraft, but any attempt at manual trimming would require the worlds largest step ladder and a petrol strimmer (not a combination I am keen to try).

My gutters seem to have been set up as the hottest new avian Des Res in the North of England, I am now waiting for a letter from the makers Spring Watch telling me that they have set up a web cam.

So I bit the bullet and started my years combat with all things green.

But every cloud has a silver lining, in that it did mean that I got to play with some of my Big Boys Toys. Out came the leaf blower/garden vac and I gave my lawn and path a good blow dry. I don’t think it was any quicker than it would have been to use a rake and yard brush, but it was significantly more satisfying. Oh how us men are easily amused. What’s more, I get to use the giant water pistol otherwise known as the power wash next week.

So although it may be a war I am unlikely to win, it won’t be through a lack of hardware, and if nothing else, I won’t go down quietly!