June 26, 2008

I’m back… again 🙂

I know it has been 10 days now, but it’s better late than never and all that, so … I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that has sent kind comments and gifts to the latest addition to the Geek household.

Mother and baby are both doing well (that phrase is so quaint), and life is slowly approaching normality. Well at least with respect to the whole new baby thing. My older two are having quite a busy time at school, with sports days, concerts, award ceremonies etc. They do not seem to realise that if I am going to carry on paying for them to go to this school, I will have to actually show up at work at some stage.

Having said that, the last few weeks have showed what a wonderful family feel their school has. Everyone has been so wonderful and friendly, with cards from teachers and staff, gifts from other parents.

So once again to all those that have been kind to us over the past couple of weeks, be it presents, cards or kind wishes, Thankyou.


Special Delivery

June 17, 2008

Well … I don’t know what all the fuss is about … I hardly felt a thing!

In all seriousness everything is well and we are the proud parents of a healthy baby girl. She was born at 10:43 (after 3 hours of labour) and weighed in at 7lb 8oz.

Mummy and baby are both doing well, and are hopefully sleeping for now.

I’ll leave you with some photos to be going on with.

OoooMum + BabyWhat you doing to me now?Proud DadWhat a star!Blowing Raspberries Already

Contractions Are Every 7½ Minutes

June 16, 2008

Must be quick … looks like things are beginning to start moving … wish us (Well Mrs Geek) luck!

A Teacher Opens The Window To Tomorrow

June 12, 2008

I read a post on Tendrils’ blog yesterday and it got me thinking.

I think that teaching is possibly the most under appreciated profession in our society. Now I’ll declare my hand in that Mrs Geek is in fact a teacher, so I have a vested interest, but I will counter that with the fact that it gives me an insight into the Herculean efforts put in, often above and beyond the call of duty.

For a while, it was seen as the fall back profession for those that get to the end of their degree and fail to get any other meaningful employment, certainly when I finished University that was how it was viewed. But since then significant investment has been put in to make it a desirable job once again. At least that is one thing this government has got right.

But to the general populous in this country, the teacher is seen as little more than glorified childcare. You leave your children with these teachers, and hopefully they return them with a little bit more inside their heads.

Now I am going to sound like an old fellow with a cane and spectacles when I say that the problem with young folks today is that they have no respect for authority.

I don’t actually believe that to be true in general, most kids are good kids that when push comes to shove, know their boundaries. But there is that small slice of the pie that don’t. This in itself is not new, there were the “bad kids” when I went to school. What seems to have changed is that there is often very little parental support. If I was naughty at school, the thought of my parents being called in would have brought me into line pretty fast. This seems to no longer be the deterrent that it used to be. Worse, many parents actively undermine the authority of teachers by coming in and declaring that little Jonny is an angel and so any misbehaviour has been the fault of the teacher in question.

What people don’t see is the emotional investment that teachers put into their pupils. From the headache cases to heartbreak cases.

A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others. ~Author Unknown

There was a great advert on TV a while back, stating that everyone can one teacher that made a difference to them. This is certainly true for me. I had a number of good teachers, but I would like to go on record and say John Carr was not only a great teacher, but was also possibly one of the most inspirational and influential people in my time growing up. I owe a lot of who I am today to that man.

Thankyou Mr Carr

Baby update No Baby Update

June 12, 2008

CalendarOK so we still have no baby. And after yesterdays appointment with the midwife, Mrs Geek is now only 1 day overdue…?

How does that work … well when we originally worked out when the baby was due we got it to be the 11th of June, but when we had the scan they told us that based on it’s measurements it was going to be the 6th. Yesterday the midwife overruled this and reset it back to the 11th.

Now it doesn’t actually change the fact that the baby isn’t here, it does however increase the window of opportunity for a home birth, before they start wanting us to go in for an induction.

The midwife also informed her that she was dilated by 2” and that all was ready to go, we just needed to wait for the contractions to start.

I want one … Please

June 11, 2008

OK, enough pregnancy talk … well at least for one post.

iPhoneHow do apple do it? Every time Steve Jobs stands up and gives a talk he comes up with a way to make me part with my cash. I longed for an iPhone last time around, but I talked myself into the fact that I didn’t need it due to its limitations such as lack of 3G, no third party software etc.

So what do they go and do? The fix the problems AND drop the price! They have even thrown in GPS for good measure. Now I would write this off as simply being the next step on the path of any product, it gets better with time. But the new iPhone is being launched at pretty much the exact same time as the contract on my existing phone runs out … that to me sounds like destiny calling (Work with me here … somehow I have to convince Mrs Geek that it is meant to be).

More minutes, texts and mobile tinternet … I’ll start practicing now … Please please please please please please please …

Getting Tetchy

June 11, 2008

As you may have guessed, We Still Have No News!, and Mrs Geek is getting a little Tetchy.

No Baby YetI know that people mean well and they ask her “Still not had the baby?” … but really is it not somewhat self evident. My suggestion was that she tell the that she had got used to the bad posture, so she had taken to carrying her purse in her blouse … but to her credit she has refrained from sarcasm.

Yesterday my daughter resorted praying to ask god if it was a boy or a girl. I expect she also put in a request to sway the outcome when we were not listening, anything to get the upper hand on her brother who has not thought of that one yet.

The good news is that he has mitigated the possibility of it being a girl in that it would make us “Just like the Simpsons” … Now there’s an aspiration 🙂 I don’t think my daughter has worked out an upside to it being a boy yet… We’ll cross that bridge if and when …

Today Mrs Geek was booked in for a “Membrane Sweep”, which sounds just delightful (I am trying really hard not to think about what that is)… but it is supposed to be very effective in reducing the chances of requiring an induction.

I think she has also decided that it is funny to call me on my mobile. This causes much amusement at work as my office is almost always silent, which means that when ever my phone goes off, everyone turns to me and watches as I hurry trying to answer the phone and not to panic.