Quick Update

July 13, 2009

OK so I’ve been in hiding. No I have not had a run in with the Law or the Mafia. I have been hiding from procrastination.

Life has been kind of manic in the Geek household, particularly for Mr Geek. Along with all the “run of the mill” stuff that comes from having three kids, I am also trying build a photography business around my day job.

Now I am certainly not going to complain about having success, particularly in the current financial climate, I have started to have more work on than is achievable with any degree of comfort.

This has meant burning the candle at both ends, and a bit in the middle for good measure. I have thus had to be somewhat disciplined in the things I have allowed to cause distraction.

Alas, as much as I truly enjoy it when I am in the swing of things, blogging is both time consuming and very much a me thing. Thus it is a luxury that is hard to justify.

But I’m here now, so I’ll update you on some of the things that have happened in the Geek household lately.

The biggest thing since last time is probably Maggie’s first birthday.
She really had a good time. Her birthday was spread across a week with a party for her and her cousins on the Saturday before, a party on the day and a party the following weekend when my parents came up to visit … What can I say she is a party girl!

Bart and Lisa finished school for the summer on Wednesday, but more on that later.

Today Bart and Lisa have gone off with my parents for a week in a caravan. So once again we are back down to one child. When we had only one, we felt it was hectic/manic/our lives revolved around him, now to go back down to one child seems opulently luxurious. It is just like the story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.
I love my kids with all my heart, but it is quite nice to be given the opportunity to miss them once in a while 😀

However this week is due to be quite a busy one. We are clearing a stretch of garden, for the trampoline that hopefully arrives Wednesday as well as getting everything ready to go camping. Oh how I long for some time relaxing in the sun. In my head the days will be lounging by the pool reading books, but I strongly suspect it is more likely to be filled with playing with the kids in some body of water.

Ok so I rambled a bit, but there you have it, I have posted again for the first time in 2 moths and 19 days (According to Wolfram Alpha)


Share Your Photos

December 19, 2008

I am always taking photos. Mainly of my children, but often when they are with friends it is inevitable that I will take pictures of them too. This is a good thing because my kids will want photos of the people they grow up with.

Every so often I get a photo of someone else’s child that I know is a great shot (I’m not blowing my own trumpet, while I like to think I am quite good, if you take as many photos as I do, sheer chance means you will capture a few great photos). I know that if someone else had that image of one of my children I would be very grateful if they were to send it to me, yet something makes me hold back from sending it to them. Maybe it is because I am a bit more reserved without my Mr Geek veil of anonymity, maybe it is because I don’t want to be labelled as “That Guy”, but today I read the New York Times Article about Allen Goldberg and his son Henry. A story that I think has pushed me into sending those pictures. This REALLY is heart wrenching and I will confess to blubing a little when I read it, so do so at your own risk. I am not sure that those extra photos would have made all the difference, but he makes a good point, those photos should be shared!

For the story Click here