July 15, 2008

Saturday was Lisa’s Sports Day, leavers’ show and awards ceremony, with her nursery.

IMG_1716Thankfully they managed to avoid the rain, so the Sports Day was not cancelled for the second time running. She was incredibly cute concentrating extremely hard and desperate not to cheat (thus she got beaten by the ruthless child with no ethics. I mean going on the “B” of the Bang is one thing but that little cheat deserved a good spanking… obviously I’m not bitter … honest 😉 )

IMG_1523As for the show and awards ceremony … it was emotional! We got a whole bunch of 4 year olds enacting various nursery rhymes and fairy stories. Lisa was a Swan in the story of the Ugly Duckling … a masterful rendition, the absolute embodiment of the role.

IMG_1585Then it was the awards ceremony. They gave out the swimming certificates and coasters with the children’s photos etc and Lisa won the Millennium award for being the all-round “best” pupil. Well if pride is one of the deadly sins … I could have a problem. I almost burst with joy.