On The Subject Of Being Busy

November 24, 2008

Over the past few months as I mentioned, I have been horrendously busy. Now I have made all my best efforts to ensure that I don’t neglect seeing my children as much as is possible, but it is impossible to put in the hours and be there for the children as much as I would have liked. However at the moment, we need the money, and when needs must…

This is not a credit crunch thing… to be honest I don’t think that has hit us at all yet (other than a slight increase in mortgage).

Last year through a rather long winded process Mrs Geek and I decided that we were not getting on with Bart’s local school. The specifics result in a long story that we can skip, but the long and the short of it was that we decided that we should look elsewhere and we came to the conclusion that for Bart, the best option was to go private.

And I will go on record now that for us it was totally the right decision. He has gone from being really turned off of school to really being enthused again (in the summer he was counting down the days until he went back). His results are good. All is well.

Lisa is now at the same school, and after a brief settling in period, she seems to be really loving it too (don’t as about her parents evening or I will really get all gushy).

It is however a rather expensive luxury. And with Mrs Geek still being on maternity leave, it means that we have to watch the pennies. I have therefore taken as much work as I can get, which has left me not getting to see as much of the people I keep telling myself I am doing it for.

I can live with this. I just convince myself that it is all for the best, and that I am doing what is right for them, and it really is what I believe, but at this time of year where every which way you look there is some story telling us that “Christmas Presence is more important than Christmas Presents!”.

To this I will say … Bah Humbug!


First Day

January 8, 2008

Today, was my sons first day at his new school.

The cynic in me expected to come home to him being totally apathetic to the whole thing. But Hooray I was wrong. It would appear that he still gets no lessons (at least they do not enter into his recollection of the day). So what have I spent the money on? Apparently 2 grand a term buys you a good game of footie at break time and a really tasty lunch (It did not actually afford me a description of said lunch).

I did find out one particularly good piece of news however, the teacher at his after school club, ensures that all his homework gets done. This single fact actually buys me back up to 5 hours per week.

Mostly however I have to admit that I really am quite jealous. I would give almost anything to have a day of reading, doing a few sums playing football whilst in the company of all your best friends. I would even be willing to wear silly shorts in the winter.

First Day Of School