Boys Night Out

December 2, 2008

Further to my Day of restraining myself from strangling anyone less than 5′ tall looking after my children, last night my friend Guy and I took Bart to watch his first football match.

LayersBilled as an early christmas present, it was clearly going to be a hit, but I was concerened by the fact that the game kicked of nearly an hour past his usual bedtime, the temperature was knocking -2 and we had over an hour’s drive to get home afterwards.

However, with the usual poor judgment I tend to show in all things parental, I decided he was up to it.

Thankfully he was in a sensible mood and decided to nap on the way there so as to be awake for the game.

When we got there, he came alive with questions. Facinated by everything, yet overwhelmed by nothing he asked about the hillsbrough tribute, about the anouncement that racist or homophobic abuse would not be tollerated (Thankfully I had addressed much of this before), about the Michael Shields anouncement (A fan that has been in prisoner for the past 3 years for a crime that it would apear he did not commit)… Everything.

Free Michael Now

He continuously refered to his programme to tell me which player had done what. To see this boy who is so often frustratingly apathetic to the privaliges he is given so engaged was wonderful.

Unfortunatly we were seated just infront of a man that litterally swore in every sentance, a fact that I was hopeing would go unnoticed due to it being heavily drenched in scouse. Alas you can not hide any swear words from this boy as they seem to be his pet facination, but he did seem to understand that this was not a “very nice man”, and that maybe swearing is almost as uncool as mummy and daddy keep suggesting.

Unfortunatly the game ended a goalless draw. Bart took this in relativly good spirits, but thankfully for once, he really did seem to care.

The night was topped off by one final act of poor parenting on my part, as we all finished the night sat in a carpark sharing a KFC bargain bucket.



Don’t Panic … I’m Back

April 15, 2008

OK, So I went off to Spain and forgot to tell you. Did the internet seem empty without me?

I am assuming that I have so far not been blocked by China as although I have not received the anticipated number of comments (I am currently around 2 Billion short on my last count) it appears it is because I have got people so worked up they have chosen direct action. Granted it may just be a coincidence, but what are the chances of that? Ban me you swine! If you can ban reincarnation without a license you can ban my blog!

So where have I been? Ah yes.

A long time back in the mists of time, my father-in-law stated that when he retired he would like to take us (his children, and their families) on holiday, his treat! Well as much as we may have smiled and made nice words, I am not sure that any of us actually expected it to happen, but happen it did, and it took place last week.

Mrs Geek, the children and I, were accompanied by her 2 sisters, brother-in-law, 2 nephews and mum and dad. Off to sunny Spain!


The location was Nerja, on the Costa del Sol. The Coast of the Sun? Not for the first 4 days. Sure we left the UK in a blanket of snow, but it was an awful long way just to upgrade snow to rain.

Now it may not work quite so well for Eliza Doolittle, but I have decided to update the famous phrase to read…

The rain in Spain falls mainly on … Mr Geek!

My Son was determined that being the first time he had ever had his own pool, he was going to use it regardless of the weather, and to be honest everyone pitched in and made the best of what we had. We had a number of lovely meals from some of the local restaurants, Donkey Sanctuarywent to the local Donkey Sanctuary which was great, we walked along the beach, which while not exactly being golden sands was still fun for the kids. Also it had numerous little parks for the kids to play in, where I proved myself to be King Of The Monkeybars. I also got to watch the Mighty Reds defeat the Evil Gunners in what was one of the best matches I have seen since the 2005 final.

However after four days of rain, in what were admittedly very luxurious accommodation, nerves were beginning to fray. Good company or not, 11 people, including 4 under 8s, hiding from the rain on what everyone had anticipated being an oasis of relaxation, the irony begins to wear a bit thin. People seemed to be a little fed up of looking at the “Bright Side”, and my quite hilarious comment about how much money they were all saving on sun cream seemed to get lost in translation as I don’t think anyone fully appreciated my genius for lightening the tone.

But then the clouds parted, the sky brightened and the sun came out! And it came out with a vengeance! It was as if it were trying to make up for lost time. Cue the sun beds, cue the ice-cream, cue the pool, OK so that was still a bit cold. Everything was good again as the Sol had returned to the Costa del Sol.

So on the Sunday when our time was up, it was with a heavy heart that we left our temporary home in Nerja to return to the cold air of Manchester. On reflection I have to admit it was both a memorable and actually genuinely rather enjoyable week.