Entrusting the world with another of my offspring

September 3, 2008

I know she has been going to nursery, and I know she has been ready to go to school for the past year, but it my logic deserted me when Lisa got ready for her first day at “Big School”.


And for once there was very little protest at my need to photograph everything



So off we trotted to school only to find that, even after all the planning we were half an hour late.

Now I’m naming no names, **cough**Mrs Geek**cough**, but it would appear that we misread the instructions. But my brave little trooper just marched on in to her classroom and joined the rest of her class mates on the mat for a story.


Two and a half hours later, she was released from class. I asked how it was and if she enjoyed it, the answer I got was “It was fine”. There she goes again getting over excited 🙂 !?!

I can not tell you how proud I was of this little girl today … it does remind me of a song that I heard on the radio, which totally took me off balance as Paul Simon was totally not on my musical Radar … but I think it is possibly the most beautiful song I have ever heard (I know not exactly showing my masculine side today again)

I just would love to know if there was anything quite as wonderful about boys too.