Quick Update

July 13, 2009

OK so I’ve been in hiding. No I have not had a run in with the Law or the Mafia. I have been hiding from procrastination.

Life has been kind of manic in the Geek household, particularly for Mr Geek. Along with all the “run of the mill” stuff that comes from having three kids, I am also trying build a photography business around my day job.

Now I am certainly not going to complain about having success, particularly in the current financial climate, I have started to have more work on than is achievable with any degree of comfort.

This has meant burning the candle at both ends, and a bit in the middle for good measure. I have thus had to be somewhat disciplined in the things I have allowed to cause distraction.

Alas, as much as I truly enjoy it when I am in the swing of things, blogging is both time consuming and very much a me thing. Thus it is a luxury that is hard to justify.

But I’m here now, so I’ll update you on some of the things that have happened in the Geek household lately.

The biggest thing since last time is probably Maggie’s first birthday.
She really had a good time. Her birthday was spread across a week with a party for her and her cousins on the Saturday before, a party on the day and a party the following weekend when my parents came up to visit … What can I say she is a party girl!

Bart and Lisa finished school for the summer on Wednesday, but more on that later.

Today Bart and Lisa have gone off with my parents for a week in a caravan. So once again we are back down to one child. When we had only one, we felt it was hectic/manic/our lives revolved around him, now to go back down to one child seems opulently luxurious. It is just like the story A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.
I love my kids with all my heart, but it is quite nice to be given the opportunity to miss them once in a while 😀

However this week is due to be quite a busy one. We are clearing a stretch of garden, for the trampoline that hopefully arrives Wednesday as well as getting everything ready to go camping. Oh how I long for some time relaxing in the sun. In my head the days will be lounging by the pool reading books, but I strongly suspect it is more likely to be filled with playing with the kids in some body of water.

Ok so I rambled a bit, but there you have it, I have posted again for the first time in 2 moths and 19 days (According to Wolfram Alpha)


On The Subject Of Being Busy

November 24, 2008

Over the past few months as I mentioned, I have been horrendously busy. Now I have made all my best efforts to ensure that I don’t neglect seeing my children as much as is possible, but it is impossible to put in the hours and be there for the children as much as I would have liked. However at the moment, we need the money, and when needs must…

This is not a credit crunch thing… to be honest I don’t think that has hit us at all yet (other than a slight increase in mortgage).

Last year through a rather long winded process Mrs Geek and I decided that we were not getting on with Bart’s local school. The specifics result in a long story that we can skip, but the long and the short of it was that we decided that we should look elsewhere and we came to the conclusion that for Bart, the best option was to go private.

And I will go on record now that for us it was totally the right decision. He has gone from being really turned off of school to really being enthused again (in the summer he was counting down the days until he went back). His results are good. All is well.

Lisa is now at the same school, and after a brief settling in period, she seems to be really loving it too (don’t as about her parents evening or I will really get all gushy).

It is however a rather expensive luxury. And with Mrs Geek still being on maternity leave, it means that we have to watch the pennies. I have therefore taken as much work as I can get, which has left me not getting to see as much of the people I keep telling myself I am doing it for.

I can live with this. I just convince myself that it is all for the best, and that I am doing what is right for them, and it really is what I believe, but at this time of year where every which way you look there is some story telling us that “Christmas Presence is more important than Christmas Presents!”.

To this I will say … Bah Humbug!

Back Again

November 24, 2008

OK so I have been gone a while… OK more that a while… Mea culpa.

Let me explain. I will start by saying that none of the following is meant to extract sympathy from anyone (Quite the contrary, I am in a rather happy place at the moment). However it seemed impossible for me to start writing again without addressing the fact that I have been gone for so long.

Recently I have been burning the candle at both ends in trying to keep on top of everything.

For those of you that do not know my personal arrangements, I am in the process of starting a photography business, and for now it is still small steps, but as is often the case with these things, work seems to come in spits and spurts. Add to this I am currently averaging around about a 50 hour work week with my day-job (needs must and all that), and I am trying to not make it impact too heavily on the time I have with the family, it leaves me getting up early and going to bed late.

Thus many of my “optionals” have had to go out of the window… I already watched little enough TV to make it a non-issue, but much to my horror I seem to have now stopped reading entirely. The last book I read was Witches Abroad back in April. I have also failed to keep to any kind of regular running schedule since the summer. I have even neglected twitter and I believe I am in danger the geek police taking away my membership!

As I said in the intro though, I am actually enjoying the current arrangement, I have been taking the kids to school each morning, I have ensured that I have not missed any of their events (Bart seems to have a significantly more active social life that I do) and I have made sure that I get to see Maggie as much as possible.

I have also resisted the pressure to stop playing rugby, and thus I continue to make Mrs Geek into a rugby widow each Saturday, a fact that has not exactly gone unnoticed in my household.

I also think that podcasts have kept me relatively sane over the past few weeks as I have been listening to them whilst travelling/processing photos/doing the dishes and any other time that I can multitask (I am a male so multitasking only works on a limited basis).

But blogging is for me a “Whole Brain” activity. It needs to be what I am doing. But I really do like doing the whole blogging thing. As well as being the closest thing that I am likely to keep to a diary, by describing what is going on in my life and venting frustrations etc, I really like reading other people’s blogs and adding to the community. But I now have over 1000 unread bloglines entries. I made an attempt to start reducing the number, but I feel I am unlikely to catch up.

The OCD in me makes it difficult to admit that I am not going to catch up with all I have missed, but the more I refuse to admit it the further I get behind… and the larger the barrier to my rehabilitation 🙂

I therefore declare myself BLOGRUPT!

However I recognise that the same OCD will make it really difficult to be a “casual” reader so I will have to cull the heard and slim down the number of blogs I try to keep up with.

P.S. Thankyou to RC and Tendrils for nudging me out of my blog paralysis! I will do the meme, when I get back to my computer (honest).