Half Term

This week has been half-term … Well at least it is for my kids. Mrs Geek’s school has taken the alternative approach of starting half term on Good Friday. This meant that we had to arrange childcare for Bart and Lisa for the week. This is where my parents came to the rescue.

My parents have been looking after them down in Bristol (~200 miles from here), and it sounds like they have had quite some week, with day-trips to all the fancy places that we never take them.

It has been rather novel for us too. We have become so used to the chaos of three children that just having Maggie seems to be like coasting. I am sure it was far more difficult when we had just Bart! So for us this week has been all about productivity. After sending them on their way (Thanks to Guy [Bart’s Godfather] for taking them back with him), we spent a couple of hours in the garden, mowing and raking the lawn, rounding up the multitude of outdoor toys from every corner of the garden, and an overall tidy-up. A job that under normal circumstances would have taken a whole Sunday in the garden.

My next task was to clear the loft… 😦

Our loft hatch is 10ft from the floor and so narrow that I have to climb trough it sideways. In the loft is what can only be described as filth. Dirt, dust and debris that has accumulated over the past century (well almost, our house is 98 years old). I came back down looking like an old fashioned chimney sweep.

Tonight Mrs Geeks dad and I will be taking the first steps to install a sensibly size loft hatch.

On the positive side, it has allowed me to invest some serious time listening to audio books, and I may actually end up being able to remove all of the Christmas decorations, spare electronics, cables etc that are currently causing me claustrophobia every time I go into my office.

All in all, I think Bart and Lisa’s week may have been somewhat more exciting, but we did get to go to the early bird special at one of the local restaurants, which was a rare treat. Maggie really like the garlic bread!

Tomorrow Mrs Geek and I will be going down to see my parents and rescue them from our kids, but I fear the kids may not want to come home! We are banking on Maggie being cute enough to tempt them to come back with us 🙂

P.S. I appologise for the quality of these pictures, the iPhone camera sucks!


15 Responses to Half Term

  1. RC says:

    What a nice mini-break for everyone – a break for you as the parents, to concentrate on the youngest, and a break for the older kids, to be spoiled by the grandparents.

  2. Nemma says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a good week! We’ve been hectic as usual but because Karls off today we’ve decided to give them a rare treat and go to the national space centre near Leicster….. Im not sure who’s looking forward to it more, us or the kids lol
    Enjoy next week and hope the easter bunny brings lots of weight gaining goodies! lol

  3. Pozzouk says:

    Hi, we’ve just done Lulworth Cove with our boys Tom & Dan but unfortunately got to the area to late in the day to take in Durdle Door, hence we searched this morning (14.04.09) for shots of the coast and stumbled upon your lives. We are based just outside of Portsmouth UK and have friends that have not long since moved to Dorset, so i guess we will be back to walk that coastline properly – hopefully accompanied with my proposed purchase of a Nikon D90.

    Best of luck with the rest of half term, if it is anything like our house you have my sympathy ;o)) as my two are sharing my sofa battling it out on DS Starwars Lego! – without me as ref it could turn nasty!!!!

    Talking photo’s, i thought your picture of your Liverpool clad lad and his sister pointing to head and mouth is the best of the shots “excellent”. talking Liverpool, i think they have their work cut out at Stamford Bridge tonight, slight understatement! – time will tell.

    ATB Pozzouk.

  4. Mr Geek says:

    RC: Indeed. We currently have the kids booked in to a detox programme. My parents seem to be setting up an alternative Las Vegas, because it seems … What ever happens at Grandma’s, Stays at Grandma’s!

    Nemma: The space centre sounds cool, if somewhat displaced 🙂 I helped Maggie with her egg, but otherwise my Easter was Egg free.

    Pozzouk: Nice to errmmm … meet you(?) so to speak. That part of England is lovely. Bizarly, I first fell in love with Lulworth Cove + Durdle Door on a Geography field trip with the school. I loved the place and have returned there a number of times since.

    Good luck with the kids. I am currently taking refuge at work working very hard, so this is likely to be a battle I get to avoid, with a potential role as peace envoy / Arbitration agent in the evening.

    I really must get around to posting more photos, but I have been so snowed under with photo work that I have been ducking out of working on our own pics (much to Mrs Geeks mounting annoyance). As for the Football, I had written them off at the end of the last game, but then the less rational side of my brain has been taunting me, saying things like … we doo keep knocking in 4 goals … they don’t have J.T. … but I too think it is rather a long shot. (Obviously I’ll edit the comment to sound like I always knew we were going to win tomorrow if we do 😉 )

  5. Nemma says:

    We didnt get to the space centre in the end.. 😦 ENded up in Crich instead at the Tramway Museum. Karl didnt finish till late so we opted for the closer attraction lol.
    I thought it was a bit of an odd place to have a space museum too….. Ah well! lol.

  6. Mr Geek says:

    Nemma: From the space centre to the Tramway Museum … a logical transition?!?!

    Pozzouk: We almost did it … It is so much more painful when you allow yourself to believe 😦

  7. Nemma says:

    yeah lol.
    Tramway Museums about twenty minutes from our house rather than an hour and a half or so. It was getting late so the tramway museum was the better option lol.
    We’re going to Alton Towersnext week with them so they are being totally spoilt this month! lol

  8. Mr Geek says:

    Nemma: It has been so long since I last went to Alton Towers (actually it was the week after I met Mrs Geek now that I think about it). I love it there, but not the queuing. I hope you have a great time (Is it still the Easter Hols where you are?). I would also like to know what the common height requirement is as I could be tempted to take mine at some stage.

  9. Daisy says:

    Sounds like an interesting week with handi work and all. Sometimes I figure I should just hire someone to do all the work around the house, and then I realize I haven’t got the money to do so. Back to Hubby instead. Chop chop dear.

    And those pics of Maggie are SO cute!


  10. Nemma says:

    Nope, not half term but its the last summer that Jack can miss days at nursery (Im such a bad mother!)without it being noted etc. Free tickets were too tempting! lol.
    Im not sure about minimum hieght requirement, theres quite a bit for toddlers to do (Im hoping lol) though. Its all on the website I think. I know yours are a bit older than mine so Im not sure what there is for that age…..
    Ive not been for years, I think the last time I went was with school and I left there 13 years ago this year!
    I’ll let you know what sort of hieght restrictions etc there are on friday if you want?

  11. Mr Geek says:

    Daisy: I am not particularly gifted at the DIY, but Mrs Geek’s dad is a builder, so I do all the donkey work and he makes thing right.

    Nemma: I used to love this about nursery. Lisa still has not come to terms with the fact that we no longer get to have a no-school day on her birthday any more.

    Have a great time on Friday … I hope the queues are short.

  12. Pozzouk says:

    Hi Again, just stumbled back over your blog and seeing as it is now the 30th and half term almost an already distant memory, thought it only right with all the talk of Alton Towers to put in a word for Lego Land (Windsor).

    We had a great time doing the Holiday Inn stop-over in Guilford – the boys really had a great time in the hotel pool while mum looked enviously on with a migraine – what a wind up, especially as it was all on her not so flexible plastic friend! – Like the bill arrived yesterday ;o((

    I just wish with hindsight that we had got hold of one of those site maps before we went as it takes an age just to acclimatize as to where you are in these complexes – Now that would be good use of Google street view!

    Anyhow, what about that match – so near yet so far – compair that with the Barcelona tie Tuesday just gone! Sorry that your beloved Liverpool bit the dust but unfortunately i’m not convinced that with a clown (Benitez) in charge they can ever win more than an occasional cup…….shame – especially as despise ManUre.

    PS. Got the D90 – Now all i need is a trip around the British Isles with the assistance of two brothers at war ;o))

    PSS. Best of luck with the DIY.


    • Mr Geek says:

      We have thought of Legoland in the past, but I think we decided against it based on cost. I will have to have another look.

      As for the football, we were always going to struggle … they just made it close enough to believe so that it stung that little bit more when we lost. Two jolly good games of football though.

      I will politely disagree with your assessment of Rafa, as I feel that he has already taken us a long way. Each year has seen improvement. It is unrealistic to imagine he is just going to fix the mess that we were in under Houllier over night.

      Congrats on the D90, I am quietly lusting after the Canon 5D Mk II. I went on a training course on Tuesday and got to have a play. I am smitten.

      As for the DIY … Shhh, have done very little since and Mrs Geek is likely to start getting very cross with me if I am not careful.

  13. mrsvierkant says:

    Awww… She’s so cute. 🙂

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