Catching Up

Life at the moment is manic. Between my day-job, photo-work, generally attempting to be less of a part-time parent / neglectful husband as well as captaining a failed rugby team it would appear I have been rather poor at doing my part to fill the internet. Moaning about being busy is neither entertaining nor unusual, <OverlyEnglishAccent>but one must do ones duty what what…</OverlyEnglishAccent>

Brief highlights:

  • To say Maggie is now crawling would be an overstatement, but she is definitely now mobile. Gone are the days of putting her down and expecting to find her where you left her 🙂 . She is our resident Sniper. She also seems to have developed a sixth sense for things she’s not allowed to play with – marbles, shoes, Lego, pens … These are problems we never had before as when we last had a Sniper in the house Bart was still on quite child friendly toys where as now it seems everything they have seems to have removable this and detachable that.
  • I Offered to host a family photo day for my children’s school, in order to raise funds for the “Parents Society” (PTA). Have now learned that I might have been better to have kept my big mouth shut as I have jumped through sooo many hoops already and it’s not until Sunday … Note to self … Do not offer self up as human sacrifice in future! Bad Idea! Not even to raise money!
  • Bart and Lisa’s reports came through … much as expected.
    • Lisa’s report gushed about this angelic child that works hard, self motivated, plays nice with others … all the thing you want to hear.
    • Bart’s report clearly points out, although through a vale of Teachereese that Bart needs to clam down and concentrate more. He is too easily distracted and could do better. However they then begrudgingly point out that he as aced his exams. – What reaction am I expected to give to that? He should be working harder … but he got 100% in verbal reasoning … so I would probably loose the argument anyway 🙂
  • Swimming, swimming, swimming … I seem to spend most of my otherwise free time, shepherding one or both of my children to/from swimming. Bart had time trials to get into the swim team, but being that he has spent the past year staunchly refusing to use his legs as anything other than an anchor, I fear it may be a long-shot. On the plus side is that Lisa just got moved up a class in her Sunday swimming lessons and will be swimming at the same time as Bart … which should reduce the time spent by up to 2 hours … unless Bart does make the team and then all bets are off.
  • I attended a belated Darwin Day lecture last Tuesday by Professor Armand Leroi which was fascinating. Once I found the lecture hall that is. I wondered if it was some form of selection along the lines of “You have to be at least smart enough to get to the lecture, in order to attend” Thankfully I just about scraped in 🙂 They obviously don’t have a cartography department in the university!
  • It is almost spring so I have been harassed encouraged to sort out our gardens. We bought the house with a very nice, fairly large, well maintained garden. Since the purchase I now understand that to mean “Time Sink”.
  • I reclaimed some of this time by “reading” The Time Traveller’s Wife via audiobook whilst doing the gardening. This book was amazing (I will talk about it separately), however it did result in a lesson on audiobooks. You must pay attention to where you are going to listen to certain books as I power-washing the front drive whilst crying over a certain section of the book some of the spray came back and collected around the vicinity of my eyes.
  • Mrs Geek has been arranging our summer holiday. Scouring the internet for camp-sites in the south of France in order to play catch-up on some of the sunshine that we are so desperately craving here in Not-So-Sunny Northwest England. I refuse to wish my life away (especially as everything to do with the kids seems to be so temporary) but I am SOOOO looking forward to three solid weeks of sunshine (barring unreasonable freak weather conditions!)

I am sure there are probably many other things that I have overlooked, but I will stop here or it will never get posted.

10 Responses to Catching Up

  1. RC says:

    I’m jealous of your summer holiday. Enough said.

  2. Mr Geek says:

    It is nothing overly glamorous … We are going camping as usual. Taking my rust heap of a car from the north of England to the south of France is not something to inspire jealousy. But after not really having much of a holiday last year, I really am looking forward to the time with the family enjoying the sunshine.

  3. Nemma says:

    Weve been a few times to the south with a caravan (Hairy moments up the side of a very steep mountain with a 17 foot caravan seemed to be the norm lol)
    Cap D’agde and Beziers are fantastic areas, montpellier is lovely too….Gorgeous scenerey too, we stayed in a place called portiragne (Spelling possibly wrong) Beaches were gorgeous and the canal du Midi Runs all the way along there so plenty of time for bike rides/walking if you wanted to keep out of the very nice town nearby…. Would throroughly recommend it to you.

  4. Mr Geek says:

    Our last trip was to a little town called Le Muy (Near Fréjus). We are still looking around for the right place at the moment to find the right place at the right price (The Euro vs Pound changes are hurting). Also it is important to find the balance of good weather to baby tolerable heat.

    Our main priority is the pool, if we have a good pool/lake for swimming, life becomes so much easier!

  5. Nemma says:

    I cant remember if weve been to Frejus…. think we may have done. Know Ive defnatly heard the name mentioned in relation to one of my holidays lol.
    Portiragne Plage wasnt too expensive if I remember correctly, the town was pretty basic though, but as you say, the euro vs the pound isnt in our favour….
    We stopped on a fab campsite there that had eurocamp tents available too. I actually managed to fuse the whole campsite once by tripping over our hookup lead lol.
    I think it was the first time I ever heard anyone swearing at me in french! lol

    • Mr Geek says:

      Nemma: It’s kind of between Cannes and Saint-Tropez ( )

      I am staying well out of the arrangements and just nodding and agreeing at the right time … less I be in danger of loosing a significant portion of my life in the arrangements. I’ll do the manly thing and stay well clear and just moan about everything that is not quite perfect when we get there 😉

  6. Tendrils says:


    And, I am also very jealous of your vacation…..Mine didn’t end up so great this past week. I promise I’ll post about it soon on my blog…..

    You are quite BUSY!

    • Mr Geek says:

      Tendrils: It was a great book.

      As for the vacation, I am sorry to hear that yours did not go so well. Was this the Spring Break where you did the Scrap Booking? I hope it was nothing too bad. As for ours I feel like a child waiting for Christmas … I am so busy at the moment, I desperately need a holiday.

  7. mrsvierkant says:

    I really enjoyed the Time Traveler’s Wife. It was a good read.

    Currently I’m reading the Turtle Warrior, and so far it is enjoyable.

    How did the volunteering of yourself go?

    “Teacheresse” LOL… I know nothing about such language. 😉 It sounds like your children are doing wonderfully in school.

  8. Mr Geek says:

    mrsv: Yes it was a great book. I have not heard of The Turtle Warrior, but will look out for it.

    As for the Photo Day, it was hectic, to the extent that I ended up having a mop-up day on the following Sunday for the people that could not get an appointment for the first day (I broke my rule already 🙂 )

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