A Little Daydreaming

I seem to have something against people reading my blog, in that each time I start getting new readers I then have an attack of life getting in the way and the next thing I know I have been absent for [insert large duration here] and I find myself back to where I was before.

So in an attempt to stop the blog from going any colder than it already has, I will do what I often do in these situations and unscrupulously steal borrow inspiration from somebody else 😆

Today Just A Mom asked

If you could take off for a day all by yourself where would you go and what would you do?(please click here … it will ease my conscience over the theft repay the gift of inspiration 🙂 )

I replied, with a scaled back version of what is below, but it got me daydreaming and I decided to share 🙂

Jardin-Du-LuxembourgFor me, there is a park in the centre of Paris called Jardin du Luxembourg.

Whilst being surrounded by the some of the most beautiful architecture and statues, with un-ignorable history in every direction, whilst being in one of Europe’s busiest cities as well as having many small children playing nearby, somehow this place feels like the most tranquil place on earth.

Chess in Jardin Du LuxembourgThis is where I would spend the day. With the aid of a good book and the odd trip to a local café for hot chocolate, I would spend my hours luxuriating in this blissful stolen peace, amongst the elderly French men playing chess and more fountains than you could shake a stick at.

I would round the day off by returning to the street restaurant on the Champs-Élysées that Mrs Geek and I visited when we were expecting Lisa, where I would once again sample their divine culinary skills by indulging myself with a very rare steak followed by crème brûlée.

I think the only thing to mar this day would be the fact that the original question stated that I was to be “all by yourself”, and as much as this would be an overwhelmingly good day, I think I would struggle to get past the fact that I wanted to share the day with Mrs Geek who I know would probably enjoy the above at least as much as I would.

While I am conscious not to wish my time away (quite the opposite), I do look forward to one day taking this particular daydream and turning it into a reality.

So am I just a freak, or do others have little snapshots of life that they have tucked away until a more suitable time?

11 Responses to A Little Daydreaming

  1. Just a Mom says:

    You might be Mr.Geek but you are surely not a freak! 🙂
    The picture that you painted is truly awesome.
    I too have snapshots tucked away for a more suitable time. To return to Lake Tahoe with my family in tow is one of them.

  2. Mr Geek says:

    Just a Mom: Alas being a simple Limey that has not strayed far enough from home to have seen any of the wonders that the US has to behold, I had to make do with a google image search, and based on the results, I can see why you would hold on to that one … it looks truly spectacular!

  3. Daisy says:

    Nice to have you back.. I’ve been anxiously waiting! (but no worries, you’re in my reader so I know I won’t miss a thing!)

    One day? Just one? Sigh. I keep thinking that I should just pack myself up with a little bag and drive, drive, drive east until I get to Quebec City, Quebec. It’d be I think about a 6 hour drive so unfortunately, it would take up a good part of the day, but once there, I could get lost on the cobblestone streets and simply wander.


  4. Tony Single says:

    Anywhere but here would be my secret, little snapshot. Anywhere but here. Preferably in a magical forest of some kind where hobbits sup and the wild elves roam free… :p

  5. Mrs. Mustard says:

    Oh…I love Luxembourg! My husband and I ate a few picnic lunches there a few years (and minus two kids) ago.
    As for my secret life – living in an apartment in Paris, probably in the 5th or 7th arrondissement. Eating baguettes and camembert, drinking fine wines all day. Then steal away to the Loire for a weekend getaway.

    Ah…the life I want will require a LOT more retirement savings, I think.

  6. mrsvierkant says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to be! I’m glad you found something to write about. Even if it was “borrowed” from another blog.

  7. Mr Geek says:

    Tony: Having just read your blog I now see the pain in that statement. As insufficient as it may be, but my thoughts are with you and your countrymen at this time.

  8. Mr Geek says:

    Daisy: I think it is reasonable to assume you can get there by magic as it will take some quite powerful magic for mine to happen 🙂

    Tony: I am sorry that I have nothing more substantial to give than my best wishes. I hope things look better soon!

    Mrs. Mustard: What took you to Luxembourg? I am sure it is a lovely place, but I can’t think what would draw me there before going to … well almost everywhere 🙂 . As for the secret life in Paris … I was sure that was in our future when I got engaged to Mrs Geek the language student, but then along came Bart and all that changed.

    mrsvierkant: To be honest time is the thing that I could do with “Borrowing” … yet I find it harder to get, this just happened have the advantage of being quick and easy, particularly in that I had already done much of the thinking 🙂

  9. RC says:

    Your place sounds more exciting than my place would be… I would just like to curl-up with a book, and at home would be fine for me. (Although on a warm beach wouldn’t be a bad place, either…)

  10. Mr Geek says:

    I remember a time when I could sit in front of the fire and read a book … those days seem to be gone for now. I keep telling myself that this is one of the luxuries that I can look forward to as they grow up, but they just seem to need more attention as they get older 🙂

  11. Benoit says:

    I was browsing for information about the jardin du Luxembourg. My favorite place in the world. Every time I go to Paris, I buy a sandwich made of a crusty baguette and melting brie and I make a point to just sit there and recharge my batteries. Although very crowded, there’s always be a welcoming chairs available to me. Works all the time. There is something with this place.

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