A Strange School Day

Lisa had quite an unusual school-day today. I picked her up from school, after she had had a mere 2 hours, so that I could take her to the hospital for a hearing exam. We arrived for the appointment at 11:30 where we were asked to take a seat. She took a look at the meagre selection of toys in the children’s area and decided that was not going to be how she would pass the time, after 5 minutes of “is it our go yet …” I decided to pull out the iPhone. She decided to watch the film Open Season, so I explained that we would have to stop it soon when the lady comes to get us, but she said she was OK with that. So we both sat and watched the movie … 50 minutes later we were called in for her hearing exam.

After 5 minutes of beeps and whistles we were asked to return to the waiting room where we waited for another 15 minutes before talking to a doctor that told us that she did not “need intervention” at this time, but wants us to repeat the process in 3 months time!

So we exit the hospital at 12:50 and I realise that although I have been longer than I had anticipated and needed to get back to work, Lisa had now missed her school lunch, and I would have to feed her before returning her to school! I had a choice, I could be a responsible parent and take her home and find something nourishing to give her, or I could be the irresponsible, but mega-popular “Super Daddy” and reward her bravery by taking her to visit the golden arches … I’ll leave it to your powers of deduction as to which I chose … but after a happy meal and a McFlurry I had a very happy girl on my hands (I do point out that we always play the ABC game (name a something beginning with … A … B … [I tried posting a link to explain … but my google skills failed me]) at McD’s so it was at least partially educational 😉 ).

Upon leaving the store we were greeted by another flurry. It was snowing. Genuinely lumpy flakes of snow! Alas it was too brief an outburst for it to actually stick, but it was quite exciting (I know some of you have snow up to your elbows but for us … Snow is Snow!). So although it was not exactly according to the script, it was very nice to have a bit of a Daddy-Daughter fun day. And thus here I am catching up on the 4 hours of missed work avoidance 😉


10 Responses to A Strange School Day

  1. RC says:

    You ate McDonalds?!?!?!?!? How, um, American! (Except we are not a big McD family, and instead spend time at sub shops and another “fast food” place called Culvers, if we are going to splurge.)

    Glad you had a good day and am currently looking into ways to ship snow to you.

  2. Daisy says:

    You know what I hate about the golden arches? Those darn Happy Meal toys. Uggghhh! He doesn’t love the food, but he sure wants the latest toys! Now, if someone could come up with healthier/better fast food with a toy, then they’ll get more of my business.

    (I never thought that the toy would drive decision making on what kind of food to eat. Silly me.)


  3. Elena says:

    I think parents and kids need days like these once in a while, just to get out of the usual routine and spend some time together, even if it is in a waiting room (watching a movie! Were all the other waiting people envious?!) I like the McD move… I mean, you want her to associate going to the doctor with a pleasant experience, right? Kind of a Pavlovian way to get her to take good care of herself as an adult? *wink wink*

    Way to go, Super Daddy!

  4. Mr Geek says:

    RC: Unfortunatly they replaced the lovely cafeteria that they used to have in our local supermarket with a McD’s. However there are times when needs must. (There are other times when a Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin is ambrosia, but I keep those to a minimum 🙂 )

    Daisy: Today’s was a crappy travel version of … Actually my memory has blanked … but it was a board game that we already had. However, she was won over by the smarties McFlurry 🙂

    Elena: In a strange way it really was quite a fun day. I enjoyed having a bit of one-on-one time with her. As for the other people in the waiting room … I was too busy watching the movie with her to notice (I have confessed in the past to being fond of kids movies).

  5. Nemma says:

    your lucky you got in in only 50 minutes! I think our record wait was nearly two hours before we even got to the hearing test stage. After two hours a nurse came in announced that one of the other nurses had had to leave on an emergancy (How you can have a major life threatening hearing injury I’ll never know)so all the appoitments were being cancelled. I sarted to get slightly peaved and pointed out that I was going nowhere, we’d been sat there for two hours and if it meant them being slightly late finishing their shift then it was tough! We were in and out the hospital in an hour lol
    It always amazes me how they book so many people in for every slot. we had about 9 people waiting to see the same guy in the same 10 minute slot! Then they wonder why people get annoyed at late appointments!

    I’ve had a good day today with Jack too, its nice having the occasional day where you get to spend some one on one time isnt it? We’ve been to Hardwick hall for a quick drive and have driven through to the farm shop. As a result of driving through five million puddles my car now resembles a rally car thats been out in the mud!
    As for the hearing test,

  6. Mr Geek says:

    Nemma: And they have the cheek to go on the news to say that they want to charge people that don’t show etc. They rely on the No-Shows to recover some of the lost time! The thing was that today the place really was not very busy.

  7. tendrils says:

    I bet your daughter was just beaming! I loved special days/lunches with my dad! 🙂 We do McDonald’s mainly during our trips between Chicago, IL (where my family is) and Minneapolis, MN (Where we live) because Punky can play on the playgrounds….. good energy breaks! (The trip is over 400 miles). Punky LOVES to get the “hangaburger” happy meal. I too despise the toys…..but he likes them.

  8. Mr Geek says:

    tendrils: I work in a building where I get poor mobile phone coverage, so she tried calling me to leave me a voicemail to tell me that she had had a good day. She was really disappointed when I actually picked up and I had to hang up on her and let the phone go through to voicemail, for her to leave me a message telling me that she had a good day.
    She is not so into “hangaburger”s though .. the only thing she will touch is the Nuggets.

  9. mrsvierkant says:

    Special dates with dad are always special, and make for wonderful memories. 🙂

  10. Mr Geek says:

    mrsvierkant: Grrr. I never know whether to respond to you now that you have said that you don’t read them 🙂
    Yes we had a good time, and I don’t know about Lisa, but I will certainly remember it for some time, even in it’s wonderful uneventfulness 🙂

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