Merry Christmas

For those of you that did not get a physical card through the door, I now send it out in electronic form.

Christmas Card 2008
(Click for larger version)

Have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope to update you before the new year, but lets face it, I may well fail in this one, so just in case, I wish you all a Happy 2009 also!

P.S. If RC thought she humiliated her cat … try getting an 8 year old to pose with a tea towel on his head.

7 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. RC says:

    What an awesome Christmas card – and perfect! (And I can’t imagine getting an 8-yr-old to pose with a towel on his head, any more than I can imagine doing it to my toddler…)

  2. RC says:

    Merry Christmas! (Forgot to add that to my last comment…)

  3. mrsvierkant says:

    Merry (Belated) Christmas and Happy New Year. I love the picture!

  4. mrsvierkant says:

    I’ve already commented on this post.

    Time for you to write a new one. Maybe one about the evils of my BFF Mickey. 😛

    So there. 😉

  5. Mr Geek says:

    RC 1: Thankyou … we enjoy creating our own cards each year, and with the new baby it was an open goal net. I’m sure many of our friends think we are strange. And to be honest Bart didn’t protest too much as is slowly learning just to indulge us and see how much we are willing to bribe him 🙂

    RC 2: Thankyou again. I wish WordPress would let you modify your comments afterwards, they should give you a couple of minutes grace period or something.

    mrsvierkant 1: Thankyou. I hope it was good for you too (Friction Burns, Paper Cuts and Bloody Noses aside).

    mrsvierkant 2: Gaa … tharted … The plan was to get you to comment on my comment and thus break your own rule … I love mickey really 🙂

  6. amommystory says:

    What a sweet card! Happy belated new year!

  7. Mr Geek says:

    amommystory: Thanks … I am very jealous of your 80° January weather!

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