Back To Work

Yesterday was not the beginning of a renewed absence. Yesterday I got to enjoy the madness that is fulltime parenting two out of my three offspring.

Yesterday being the 1st of December was the notional date we set for Mrs Geek’s return to work. It also happened to be the day that our children’s school designated as a “Governor’s Day”. What a Governor’s Day exactly is and how it relates to the children not going in to school I don’t know (my suspicions are that it is an opportunity for the teachers to catch-up on their Christmas shopping). We it would make most sense not to change the arrangements and I would look after the oldest two.

It sounded so reasonable to have 6 months maternity leave before Maggie arrived… But the idea of having to return to work and leave her still tiny baby hit Mrs Geek a while back and it has been hanging over her ever since. It is mitigated by the fact that baby Maggie is going to be cared for by Mrs Geeks mum.

I wish it were not the case that money is the reason for the decision, but it really is financially crippling for Mrs Geek to be off work. I know she takes no pleasure in realising that she is a victim of her own success.

I have said this before, but I really am overwhelmingly proud of Mrs Geek’s achievements, but we have now settled into a lifestyle that really does require both of our wages. Especially seeing as she significantly out earns me. I came to terms with this a long time ago, but it was much easier when we were all happy with the arrangement. Now however I am left with the dent in my machismo that smarts every time I think about the fact that I am failing in my societally expected duty of providing for my family.

Thankfully the day went well. Pupils came to her and said how much they had missed her, I had a good time with the oldest two (who were fun and frustrating in nearly equal measures), and as much as it may have been a dent to Mrs Geek’s ego, Maggie seemed perfectly happy with the new arrangement.

That said… We are all making adjustments at the moment to make this work so it is a trying time in our household. Wish us luck 🙂

2 Responses to Back To Work

  1. RC says:

    Please tell your wife that I understand, all too well, the position she is in.

    In our family, economically-wise, we are in the same boat. Emotionally-wise, I know where I would prefer to be.

    Also, my mom watches Little Dude two days per week, not just because she wanted to, but because it economically, it was what we needed to happen.

    Despite being across the pond, and the additional children you have, we have a lot in common.

  2. Mr Geek says:

    We have this discussion a lot in our household, because it seems that although we are often told that it is the “modern way”, we seem to be friends with a lot of people who have managed, for one reason or another for the mother to be a full time stay at home mum. And while I have every respect for these people as I really do not underestimate the value of such arrangements, it does not appear to be an option for us, and this is quite hard to accept at times.

    As for Mrs Geek’s Mother looking after Maggie, she was working for a tele-sales company when we had lisa and were going to have to find child-care when she offered to look after lisa.
    She now looks after my sister-in-law’s children too and has pretty much become a full-time childminder for her grand-children.

    As for the things in common … we geeks need to stick together 😉

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