Happy Thanks Giving

Thanks To Mrs V for finding this one again.

Thanks To Mrs V for finding this one again.

I am British (English to be precise), so I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving. I am therefore a little shaky on the details. I know, or at least I believe I know, it to be to do with the early pilgrim settlers being thankful for their first harvest and the help afforded to them by the natives, resulting in the two tribes sharing a celebratory meal. How much of that is apocryphal and how much is true, I don’t know… But what is thanksgiving to modern Americans? Is it a bit like harvest festival over here? Is it just a chance to have a few days off work?

For my sister-in-law it is all about shopping. She is off to the “Great Big US of A” to visit her brother and from what I can understand accompanied by my brother-in-laws significant other, they plan to attempt to see how far they can go to stimulate the American economy. However with the recent dollar-sterling rate changes recently, there are likely to be significantly fewer dollars to do the stimulation 😦

For me it just legitimises my ongoing campaign that we should be listening to Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies. This has been the case in my house for about three weeks already, but as of thanksgiving I am far less likely to get moaned at for it 😀 (I think I am the only person that starts playing Christmas music before the stores)

But without getting too mushy, I think that there is something to be said for giving thanks before the festival that is Christmas. A chance to stop and take stock of all the wonderful things that we often take for granted. Many of the things I concern my self with really are First World Problems, so without wanting to sound like Bono, I am glad that I know that there will be food on the plate at Christmas, presents under the tree and loved ones with which to share this Christmas.

Operation Christmas ChildThis is why I am so cross that, due to my bad blogger absence, I am too late to plug this year’s Operation Christmas Child appeal. So if you haven’t heard of it (or your local equivalent) please give it a click and put it in your diary for next year.

I’ll leave you with a message from Bing…

3 Responses to Happy Thanks Giving

  1. RC says:

    You saw my post about Operation Christmas Child, right? That is one of our favorites, too! Little Dude took a box to school for their donations, and we did another three boxes (one from each of us) for our church. Plus, my parents do some, and we always ask the Hubby’s mom to make one up, too.

    We like this chance to give, plus I’m a big promoter of the Salvation Army and all they do – I love the sounds of the bell ringers this time of year. Not annoying – it is a sound of the season, to me.

    Another good idea for people – adopt someone in your local hospice, retirement home or nursing home. So many folks are alone, or their families are extremely busy and aren’t able to visit as much as they would like. Visit, send a gift or a note – whatever you can do.

    Take care and I know this isn’t your festival, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway – it isn’t just a day, but the the spirit of being thankful.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Mr Geek says:

    RC … Nope … I think that one must have slipped under the Radar when I was AWOL. I was so glad that we managed to get it done this year as last year we got the shoeboxes up together with the kids, before we realised that we had missed the cutoff date. We told the kids that we had sent it, took out the sweets and had to look after the boxes all year!

    Twisted Cinderella: Thankyou, but thanksgiving goes pretty much unnoticed over here. However, I had the day off and spent it with Mrs Geek christmas shopping, so I suppose in a round-about sort of way, I did have a very nice thanksgiving. I hope it went well for you too.

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