Looking For Suggestions

Being a typical man, Mrs Geek takes care of a large percentage of our Christmas shopping, and as much as I enjoy going shopping with her for Christmas presents I am usually only really responsible for presents for My Best Friend and Mrs Geek.

Now I am not suggesting that I have usually bought everything before December, but I usually have very specific ideas of what the highlights will include. But this year I have not come up with anything and I am beginning to panic.

It's The Thought That CountsDue to the aforementioned tightness of budget in our house, last year and this we have given ourselves very strict spending limits. Now last year I cheated and used the reward vouchers that I receive for spending on my credit card, but that was after saving them for 4 years, they will not stretch so far this year.

Cheating like this did leave quite a disparity between her pile and mine, but that really does suit both of us, because I know it sounds like something you tell children, but I really do prefer to give than receive.

So I am looking for inspiration.

Now being that Mrs Geek rarely reads the blog if not forced into it, and I certain she never reads the comments, I feel fairly confident that she wont find out, at least until after Christmas. So does anyone have any Ideas?

2 Responses to Looking For Suggestions

  1. RC says:

    How about taking a picture of your three gorgeous children, and sending the picture to someone who will mount it on a stylish pendant for her to wear as a necklace? If you are interested (and it is under $20 US, although I don’t know what she’ll charge to ship to you) – http://www.bibbidibaubles.etsy.com.

    Sentimental, budget-friendly and something many moms would like (or at least this mom).

    I got one for Little Dude’s babysitter last year – using a picture I took of her son. She is ordering a couple for her mother and mother-in-law this year, now that she has two children, since she loves the one I got her so much.

  2. Nemma says:

    Spa day, Have a look on lastminute.com and they usually have some good offers on.
    If your budget wont stretch that far the what about a treatment at the local beauty salaon?

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