I don’t want to bang on about Obama … but I just read this on Phil Plait’s blog.

I’ll say it again WOW!

To summarise Phil’s Summary, six individuals concerned about the state of science and science education in the US created a group called Science Debate 2008, and they called for a presidential debate on science. So far Obama has replied (for the full reply link), McCain claims he will, but has yet to do so.

It is very detailed and very interesting reading, but the long and the short of it seems to be that unlike Bush, he has either actually read the science (or at least employed someone to tell him about it) and is keen to allow science to continue without political interference.

Pinning his colours to the mast in such a bold statement is possibly a risky move for a politician. It may help counter the claim that he has avoided giving definite answers.

Again, McCain has yet to respond, but I will be amazed if he responds as frankly and unguardedly as this, let alone with anything like a Pro-Science stance (Particularly based on his running mate). Time will tell.

5 Responses to Wow

  1. tendrils says:


    I’m speechless.

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  3. RC says:

    More political thoughts to ponder…

  4. Mrs. Mustard says:

    I’m Canadian, but can I vote for Obama?

  5. Mr Geek says:

    tendrils: You started it!

    RC: Indeed … It really is interesting … I just envy you guy’s for having any meaningful choice.

    Mrs. Mustard: You probably can if the continue using the Diebold voting machines 😆

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