An Eventful Weekend

To those of you that don’t keep up with me on Twitter, I managed to put my back out on Saturday playing rugby. Well actually that probably gives be a little too much credit. I was about to play rugby as I only made it to part way in to minute number 3.

As I led on the ground in pain the one thing that went through my mind was “Mrs Geek is going to KILL me”.

It would be fair to say that there is mounting pressure for me to “reduce my exposure to rugby” as it is a large amount of time that I could (and I will concede maybe should) otherwise be spending with my family. So the thought of returning home broken the day before Maggie’s Baptism (I will post that separately) was not an appealing one. It was not helped by the fact that my team were beaten so badly that I am not sure that we managed even to come second.

I have therefore spent the last few days eating enough tablets to make me rattle and smelling like … well I know nowhere else that smells like it other than sports changing rooms. The overwhelming whiff of liniment.

Fast forward to Monday, I was told by my doctor that I should go to the worlds largest time sink … A&E (for the Americans out there that is the UK equivalent of the ER without the gun shot wounds).

Bad Back

So after an uncharacteristically short wait of about 2 hours, the doctor told me that the good news was that it was not broken … WTF !?! How was that even under consideration? And if it was, why did I not get a somewhat speedier treatment!

So I returned home with the same advice that I had self prescribed … it is simply a muscle pull, take Paracetamol and Ibruprofen and feel sorry for yourself (OK so I added the last bit).


4 Responses to An Eventful Weekend

  1. RC says:

    Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself. I can have one of the many doctors I work with write it onto a prescription pad, if you prefer…

    Hope you feel better soon and sorry you didn’t get the “really good drugs,” per your tweets.

  2. Nemma says:

    Co-codemol, Its the way forward! COmbined with Ibruprofen its a winner!
    Im always pulling muscles, my ligaments are worse than useless because Im Hypermobile so although my muscles over compensate for them I have really weak ancles and joints. I’ve found that those two combined are perfectly safe and the best for killing pains!

  3. Nemma says:

    Sorry, am tired and making no sense

  4. Mr Geek says:

    RC: I am not sure my wife would agree with you … she feels that I feel sorry enough for both of us.

    Nemma: I purchased some Co-Codemol this morning … Thanks for the suggestion.

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