Why I Am Not A Better Blogger

I was inspired by BookMama’s post the other day, saying how she believes that she should have a notebook handy to jot down little Ideas for blog posts but I don’t think a notepad would get the job done for me though, as it occurred to me that the time I am most likely to come up with stuff is on my morning run.

I include this for comedy purposes only ... In real life I am a bronzed Adonis

I include this for comedy purposes only ... In real life I am a bronzed Adonis

My running partner and I have a mutual agreement that there is no need to talk whilst running as it tends to get in the way of the breathing process. This affords me plenty of time to think, and while much of that time may wondering what possesses me to get up at 6am to put myself through the pain of a 5 mile run, and how I wish my running mate would “Slow the #*!& down!” (I am not a very nice person in the morning), I try to spend as much time as I can manage thinking about things far more pleasant than running, which is just about anything else.

A number of times I have worked out what I wanted to write about, and even semi-composed the post in my head. The problem is, and this will not be news to the people that know me in the real world, that I really am quite a forgetful person. Actually that is an understatement. So by the time I get out of the shower it is gone. Never to be seen again … well at least not in any controllable way.

This is why a notepad would not be helpful as I cannot just whip out a pad and pencil half way around my run and jot down my notes. This is a problem I fear even Emily can not solve (as a more robust individual, running is no place for any gadget I care about … The cartoon is more accurate that I care to admit).

This is when I started to drift off into imagining some form of neural implant that transcribed my thoughts etc …. But that is just the nerd portion of my personality taking advantage of my weakened state and attempting to take over.

So I will go on record and say I would be a far better blogger … if only I didn’t loose all of my A-Game material in the shower!

5 Responses to Why I Am Not A Better Blogger

  1. RC says:

    That is so funny, only because I’ve always dreamed of writing. I have had some great ideas at times – but they usually hit in the night, when I’m to tired/lazy to get up and write them down, or in the shower, where a pen/paper or one of my electronic gadgets just don’t mix.

    **giggling over “bronzed Adonis” reference**

  2. Okay, I got sidetracked from the point about remembering your blog material to your running experience. Particularly the line about no need for talk. I now run alone, but several years ago I ran with a younger co-worker. Younger and much taller. We’ll call him J, because his name starts with ‘J’ so it makes as much sense as anything to call him that. So, J, as I said, is much taller than me, so his stride is longer. J is also a big talker. He would blather away on our runs, and would pause every once in awhile expecting me to answer him. Soooo not going to happen. He soon learned to just blather away and not expect any response. This went on for weeks. Me huffing and puffing and J blathering. Then one day, I realized J wasn’t blathering. And not only were words not coming out of his mouth, but huffing and puffing was. Oh ya, baby! That’s the day I knew I was actually improving and all this pain was worth it. I was finally run fast enough to shut J up!

  3. Mr Geek says:

    Every now and then we are joined by one of my running partners friends, who loves to talk. He is probably 50lbs lighter than me so has a significant weight advantage, but it somewhat demoralising to struggle to keep up with a man nearly 20 years older than me while he is making all the conversation.

    I keep threatening him that he is going to have to run with a rucksack full of water to even out the weight, but I am not sure whether I want him to call my bluff or not 🙂

  4. a1ly says:

    How about a dictaphone?

  5. Mr Geek says:

    Avoiding all the old jokes based around the word dictaphone …

    A dictaphone would require me having the breath to talk into it … I fear it would end up just being a recording of me wheezing and mumbling.

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