Kids Films

I would love to give another book review, but life has been way too manic for me to have gone near a book lately.

What I can say though is that I have watched 2 children’s films in the last week. I love watching children’s films, but recently they just have not been up to much. I don’t remember a really good kid’s film since the Incredibles. But we seem to have turned the corner as both films were really good.

After mixed reviews I thought Wall-E was great, a little slow at times but really cute. It is hard to describe other than it was a bit like the childrens equivalent of Cast-Away with the initial dialog … i.e. There was none, but somehow they made it work (Beautifully animated).
However watching it with Lisa was tough as she cries her eyes out at the first hint of sadness in a film.

And then there was Kung-Fu Panda. If you have watched KungFu Movies in the past, this is a fantastically produced animated parody. Jack Black is … well … Jack Black. This film is really funny and it works on many levels. Bart liked it, because KungFu is cool. Lisa Liked it because it had some seriously slap-stick moments. My biggest problem with it is that they did not display the old fashioned “Do not try this at home” type disclaimer before hand, because the current game of choice for the garden is obviously “Test KungFu on each other”.

Still it really is quite nice when they play together, even if it does result in the odd bout of tears.

Oh and not to mention my favourite line, which I have been using at every available opportunity …
“There is no charge for awesomeness … or atractiveness”

One Response to Kids Films

  1. RC says:

    The Hubby and I wanted to get a babysitter and go see Wall-E together, because we are big dorks, but we didn’t get a chance… Our weekends have been too busy, and we would want to do an early showing, since they are so much cheaper. It is hard to do that with a busy toddler we don’t want to miss…

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