Third Baby Syndrome

I think we may have a touch of TBS (Third Baby Syndrome) … let me explain

With Bart everything was new, so we tried to take everyone’s advice. Even mutually contradictory advice. Even though he was breastfed we sterilised everything. We used non-bio washing powder, no wet-wipes just cotton wool and water. They don’t tell you of the paranoia a new baby induces.

Young Damocles

And then there is the single worst piece of advice that we were given by anyone. “Breast fed babies don’t need winding” … now in retrospect that seems ludicrous … but we were young and stupid, so we believed what we had been told, and this by a mid-wife too.

They say that dogs can “Smell fear”, well I think babies can too. Hence Bart was a somewhat unsettled baby.

Having learnt from the mistakes we made at Bart’s expense, Lisa had a far smoother ride, and maybe unsurprisingly she was a far more contented baby. She still got to have all new things, being that she was a girl and you can’t put blue on a girl!?!

Now we are at baby number 3. We have almost everything from before (not to mention the things Mrs Geeks sister has now accumulated for us), so she gets some of the luxuries that we couldn’t afford for the other two (It sound so unfair when you put it like that).

The theory was that we are now experts in this field, still making mistakes, but they are far less frequent (although I am booked on a course away for 4 days this week … That was seriously unwise, I’ll get to that in another post). But all in all Maggie seems the most calm and happy of our babies so far.

We were discussing this and other musings this morning, in a moment of mutual self satisfaction and “Aren’t we such good parents” refection, when it occurred to Mrs Geek that we have been so relaxed about the whole thing, that we had not registered the birth! We are not quiet at the stage where this is criminal, but it was close.

So she might not have wind or a sore bottom, but legally so far she does not even exist!

That good parenting halo might need a little polish 😉

5 Responses to Third Baby Syndrome

  1. RC says:

    Go register your baby! And if we ever should have baby #2, I won’t be as paranoid if the child only sleeps on his/her belly.

  2. Nemma says:

    lol. My youngest could only sleep on his stomach! He had reflux so used to throw up every time he was fed, for up to three hours after being fed he’ puke randomly…we had some midwives telling us to make him sleep on his back and some telling us to put him on his stomach! Couldnt win!
    As for registering them both i think we’d have forgotten if My dad hadnt kept on at us to register them, only because he wanted to show them off to everyone he worked with. His office is next door to the registry office lol
    I always say as long as you follow your gut you should be fine!

  3. How very true! With D1 (1st daughter) I was a nervous wreck and so was the baby. D2..not so bad. For the labour of OS (only son) a nurse actually commented that both The Dad and I looked bored!!! OS was so incrediably passive, it was unbelievable. Then he hit 13…oh lord, I was wishing for a D3 *smile*…oh, not to worry you or anything!

  4. BookMama says:

    What is “winding”? Is it what we call burping the baby in the US?

    LS has second baby syndrome. BB was a boy, born in April 2001. LS is a girl (obviously) born in November 2005. So they’re 4.5 years apart, different gender, and born in different seasons. We didn’t hand down much clothing, that’s for sure. But we DID have most of the “gear” and still have all the toys. It’s actually kind of hard to shop for LS on Christmas/birthday because she really doesn’t need any toys!

  5. Mr Geek says:

    RC: Good luck with the convincing … Sounds like your husband is not as weak willed as me:)

    Nemma: My friends baby suffers from reflux … At least that is the excuse they use every time he vomits on me.

    Panther: Thanks for the heads up, but we seem to be dealing with enough teenage angst at the moment, and he is still only 7!

    BookMama: Yes winding =Burping. I can remember lisa’s first Christmas giving her loads of nappies(dipers) and dummys (Pacifiers) as she already had all of barts hand-me-down toys but we did not want him to think that we had not got her anything.

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