Meet Emily


Everyone names their iPhone right?

Emily and I have been together now for 4 whole Days. I am not normally the kind to kiss-and-tell but I figured I would let you know how we are getting on. While I would love to claim that we have fitted together like hand and glove in a symbiotic merging of man and machine, it is more like a reasonable first date, where we are still doing that getting to know you type dance. The good news, seeing as I am now committed to 18 months with Emily, is that she really is good fun!

I will now do the Ross and Rachel faux-pas of listing my likes and dislikes.

Being that she has a girls name, Emily knows everything 😉 . I therefore now have the benifit of google-assisted-intelligence, and can give “definitive” answers to questions in a trice (Joe Hart is goalkeeper for Man City).

She also allows me to access Twitter (My bothersome employer seems to thing it would reduce productivity and thus blocked it). Emily also checked FaceBook where there was a message booking me for a wedding next year … so she is actually making me money, I am not sure Mrs Geek is buying that one though.

BubblesAnd as shallow as it may sound Emily is gorgeous. The bubble interface to texting is so good I can’t believe nobody thought of it before. How did text messages become popular before bubbles. Video playback is AWESOME. I now have a mobile platform on which to keep up with my episodes of diggnation and TikiBar TV

Also after a day of negotiation (don’t believe the Macs are effortless hype), Emily syncs wirelessly with my Mac at home through the magic of MobileMe so it is just possible that Emily may actually be able to keep me organised in terms of appointments etc … A job Mrs Geek has had the burden of for way too long and I am sure that this is one thing she will be glad to offload.

However, in an attempt to appease RC, it is not all roses and buttercups though.

First, I think Mrs Geek is getting a little jealous… not of me having an iPhone you understand… but of Emily monopolising my time (You know giving it a name and writing about our “relationship” may not help with this either)

Also Emily seems to run out of energy sooner that I had expected and I now have a whole bunch of accessories that I need to buy for her.

Also, I noticed that when hi-jacking someone’s wifi and answering a question with the iPhone instead of my iPaq, instead of looking at me and my super human powers of Geekyness as was the old way … I get a look of distain as if to say “Poser” … I defiantly think I preferred being a Geek!

Emily’s biggest problem however, is that in the UK she is tied to O2. I don’t want to be premature in writing them off, but their 3G coverage it would seem is a little patchy… but they promise this is due to get better, and to be honest Orange’s 3G was not exactly ubiquitous.

4 Responses to Meet Emily

  1. RC says:

    Say hello to Emily for me, since it looks like I will be doing without on this toy for a while…

    I achieved a blog mention. Yay! (Yes, I might have issues with needing attention…)

  2. Tendrils says:

    Oh how sweet she is! I wish I had one of her around! 🙂 Don’t ya hate when employers block sites! I have so many sites blocked at school/work it’s frustrating!

  3. Ally says:

    I hope you and Emily are getting on OK… I opted for the N95 for my mobiling needs instead of the iphone. i am jealous of Emily’s good looks though!

  4. […] out a pad and pencil half way around my run and jot down my notes. This is a problem I fear even Emily can not solve (as a more robust individual, running is no place for any gadget I care about … The […]

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