The names have been changed to protect the innocent(ish)

You may or may not have noticed that I have attempted to keep my blog semi-anonymous. Don’t go thinking that I am some privacy junkie or that I am paranoid (because we all know it is not paranoia if they REALLY ARE OUT TO GET YOU … right?

It is simply that this is my blog, and I want to be able to say what I want to say without it reflecting on either Mrs Geek or my children. For example, I have very different views on many things to those of my wife who teaches in a Catholic Highschool. Now I don’t believe that I have said anything particularly controversial, but I reserve the right to do so in the future, without the fear of it being used against her. I therefore do not want my blog to show up when someone types either my name or indeed Mrs Geek’s or any of our children’s names into google.

So until now I have used the generic terms “My Son” and “My Daughter” to distinguish between them, but as you know I now have another little one to add to the mix! It would not take many lines of typing before I got fed-up of typing “My Eldest Daughter” or “My Baby Girl” (Not to mention the jealousy that it would cause my Eldest Daughter to think that she no longer fit that role).

So I have been racking my brains for a suitable set of pseudonyms. I read other blogs with children with pseudonyms Tendrils’ has Punky (On reflection I am only guessing that is a pseudonym as it would be somewhat unusual in this country, but who knows what you yanks are like (Tendrils – Please for give me if I am wrong)), RC has her Little Dude, Book Mama had Book Boy (formerly known as Big Brother and Little Sister, Alias Mother has the Buddha Baby and Twisted Cinderella has her Princess… but I did not feel that any of these fit for our specific mix of personalities. After much head scratching on my part, my son unwittingly (and probably much to the chagrin of Mrs Geek) gave me the inspiration for the rechristening of our little cast of characters.

As I may have pointed out, my son was really hoping that our youngest would be a boy, so we were worried that he may be a little disappointed if (as was the case) the baby turned out to be a little girl, to which he informed us that it would be “ok because that would make us the same as the Simpsons!”.

And much to our amazement it fits all too well.

My son henceforth to be known as Bart is high energy, quite rebellious, not exactly adverse to breaking the odd rule and he has developed skateboarding skills that I can only dream of.

My eldest daughter is obviously Lisa. While being far less in your face than her brother, she still seems to have a well formed sense of quite self belief. Hopefully she will grow up with a better self image than her fictional counterpart, and stay away from all the Millhouse’s of the world.

As for my youngest, she has yet to shoot anyone, but she has the dummy (Pacifier) thing sorted.

Not Mr Geek!

Not Mr Geek!

That is as far as this analogy goes! Despite my ever expanding waistline I am certainly not to be likened to Homer! I do not have a dead end job, I do not have an eating problem, I have not been into space and I am currently not going bald (but the genetics are not in my favour)

I do however have a wife that is way too good for me so I will leave any other comparisons to Marge lest that ceases to be the case!


6 Responses to The names have been changed to protect the innocent(ish)

  1. RC says:

    This works well! I read another blog where they use the incredibles – Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack.

    At some point, Little Dude will need to be promoted to something new, since he is growing every day, but for now, Little Dude still works.

    As for my use of last names on the blog, I went with it due to the VERY common last names we have. My mom always joked that I was marrying someone who was part of the secret relocation program, due to the very common last name. 😉

  2. aliasmother says:

    These things really do have to arrive in their own time. I had originally planned to call the Buddha “The Kid,” but after she was born I declared that she looked like a little buddha with her serene face and chubby cheeks. It just kind of stuck and now The Kid seems kind of generic and ill-suited.

    Besides, everyone benefits from another Simpsons mention.

  3. Mr Geek says:

    It works, at least for now. We dont currently have any plans of adding any more to the fold, but stranger things have happened

  4. Tendrils says:

    Great names!!!

    Yes, Punky is a pseudonym! LOL! We called him “Punkin” when he came home as he was the whopping 11 + lb baby! We shortened it to Punky…..and that’s how he got his Blog-name! Some think he needs a more “grown up name” now……but I am happy with keeping him “Punky” for awhile longer! 😉

  5. Oh and with Princess Mag-pie’s birth I had to adjust the names I used on my blog as well. Princess graduated to Princess Belle and the new little addition became Princess Mag-pie!

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