Moaning Lisa

Today was Lisa’s last day in Nursery (Kindergarten) quite an emotional day for everyone. It seems like yesterday that we were taking her in at 3 days old to have her photo taken with her older brother. So these people have been like family right from when she was incredibly little.

When Bart left we consoled him by telling him that he would stay in touch because his little sister would still be there, and this is the same line we have used with Lisa. However we will have to come up with an alternative consolation for Maggie, as we are not having more children just to keep the nursery in business.

The thing is that this is only one of a few earth shaking changes going on in Lisa’s life right now.

  1. She has go a new little sister, and although we have not witnessed too much resentment it would be foolish to overlook such a momentous change in her world
  2. From being a wee tot Mrs Geek’s mum has been Lisa’s main source of childcare, and although we have increased the amount of time she has been receiving at nursery, it is a very recent thing that she is no longer getting her “Grandma Days”
  3. As mentioned above, the realisation that she is leaving nursery, and thus she is going loose contact with many of her friends is all too apparent
  4. Then we have the prospect of “Big School” looming on the not so distant horizon

All in all it is possibly not all that surprising that she has been a little more “challenging” lately, but there is no denying that she has been somewhat more “Wilful” lately. We are working on the theory that once things settle down again, she will be back to her regular happy-go-lucky self.

We just have the sports day and the leavers play to get through now, but to be honest I think I might be the one most in danger of crying at that one 🙂

3 Responses to Moaning Lisa

  1. RC says:

    These milestones are so tough, and at the same time, so special!

  2. Mr Geek says:

    The milestones are coming thick and fast in our household! I really feel like I would like time to stand still for a while, just so that I can get enough time with them at this stage, before it too has gone and I am left reminiscing over What was then even though I am struggling to keep up with what is now now.

  3. Tendrils says:

    Oh, they do grow up so quickly!!!!! I’ll be cryin’ too when Punky hits this milestone!!

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