I’m back… again 🙂

I know it has been 10 days now, but it’s better late than never and all that, so … I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that has sent kind comments and gifts to the latest addition to the Geek household.

Mother and baby are both doing well (that phrase is so quaint), and life is slowly approaching normality. Well at least with respect to the whole new baby thing. My older two are having quite a busy time at school, with sports days, concerts, award ceremonies etc. They do not seem to realise that if I am going to carry on paying for them to go to this school, I will have to actually show up at work at some stage.

Having said that, the last few weeks have showed what a wonderful family feel their school has. Everyone has been so wonderful and friendly, with cards from teachers and staff, gifts from other parents.

So once again to all those that have been kind to us over the past couple of weeks, be it presents, cards or kind wishes, Thankyou.

2 Responses to Thankyou

  1. RC says:

    So glad you’ve had this family time to bond and such! It ends too quickly, and it is really a bummer that we need to work in order to have more of these moments. But I suppose – we don’t take them for granted this way…

  2. Mr Geek says:

    Actually, I have been really quite busy. I took time off from the day job, but I am a wedding photographer too and I had a wedding booked for 3 days after she was born (it was booked over a year ago, so not my fault), so I had a whole day where I got to see very little of her … Still it could have been worse, as I was worried that we would still be waiting for her.

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