I want one … Please

OK, enough pregnancy talk … well at least for one post.

iPhoneHow do apple do it? Every time Steve Jobs stands up and gives a talk he comes up with a way to make me part with my cash. I longed for an iPhone last time around, but I talked myself into the fact that I didn’t need it due to its limitations such as lack of 3G, no third party software etc.

So what do they go and do? The fix the problems AND drop the price! They have even thrown in GPS for good measure. Now I would write this off as simply being the next step on the path of any product, it gets better with time. But the new iPhone is being launched at pretty much the exact same time as the contract on my existing phone runs out … that to me sounds like destiny calling (Work with me here … somehow I have to convince Mrs Geek that it is meant to be).

More minutes, texts and mobile tinternet … I’ll start practicing now … Please please please please please please please …

4 Responses to I want one … Please

  1. RC says:

    My cell phone contact is ready for renewal this month, which means time for a much-needed new phone for me. But the Hubby keeps reminding me that we are broke. Especially when it comes to my tech gadgets… 😦

  2. Mr Geek says:

    You have just got a new PDA … surely that fills most of the niches that the iPhone is there to plug.

    Also with your luck with gadgets, I would probably wait and see what others say about the reliability first.

  3. Ally says:

    LUSH… I didnt want the old phone as it was on O2, but im also due to upgrade shortly and would like the new iphone!

  4. Mr Geek says:

    Still O2 only 😦 … but the terms sound pretty good … and it’s an iPhone

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