Getting Tetchy

As you may have guessed, We Still Have No News!, and Mrs Geek is getting a little Tetchy.

No Baby YetI know that people mean well and they ask her “Still not had the baby?” … but really is it not somewhat self evident. My suggestion was that she tell the that she had got used to the bad posture, so she had taken to carrying her purse in her blouse … but to her credit she has refrained from sarcasm.

Yesterday my daughter resorted praying to ask god if it was a boy or a girl. I expect she also put in a request to sway the outcome when we were not listening, anything to get the upper hand on her brother who has not thought of that one yet.

The good news is that he has mitigated the possibility of it being a girl in that it would make us “Just like the Simpsons” … Now there’s an aspiration 🙂 I don’t think my daughter has worked out an upside to it being a boy yet… We’ll cross that bridge if and when …

Today Mrs Geek was booked in for a “Membrane Sweep”, which sounds just delightful (I am trying really hard not to think about what that is)… but it is supposed to be very effective in reducing the chances of requiring an induction.

I think she has also decided that it is funny to call me on my mobile. This causes much amusement at work as my office is almost always silent, which means that when ever my phone goes off, everyone turns to me and watches as I hurry trying to answer the phone and not to panic.

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