Sunny Sundays = River Days

First things first … still no news on Baby #3 … still being limited to Braxton Hicks.

The plan on Sunday was gardening. I will declare now that I defiantly do not have “Green Fingers”. My approach to gardening is for Mrs Geek to point at which bush or hedge she wants me to attack cut back and let the battle commence.

And digging. I am good at digging (having removed silly amounts of soil from both of my last to houses, it was one of the requirements of this house that I did not need to do so again)

However, after about 5 minutes of battle, I decided that it was way to hot to be working in the garden and that we should high tail it to go play in a river.

Over the past few weeks, any hint of sun has found us trekking down to one river or another. Thankfully we live about 5 minutes from the Ribble Valley and the Forest of Bowland. So we made our way to Dinckley and we spent the day swimming in the River Ribble. Well, me and the kids did, Mrs Geek sat on the river bank holding the fort and looking radiant.


I don’t know how we would while away the sunny Sundays if it were not for my children’s obsession with water.

River Crossing

SmileHungry Work

We ended up leaving at 4pm in order to get them to their swimming lessons. I’m sure the logic to that is in there somewhere 🙂

Alas, Mrs Geek did not forget about the garden, so that is how I ended up spending Sunday evening digging up bushes and trimming hedges (I must be a real hit with the neighbours).

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