Stand back … She’s gonna blow!

Yesterday I talked of my lack of urgency with respect to when the baby arrives. This was, however, overlooking one fairly major factor. We may have been joking about it for the last few months, but I think Mrs Geek may be about to POP.

Kissing The Baby

Seriously there really can’t be much room left in there, and as clichéd as it may be, she is beginning to look like a cut scene from Alien. For those of you that have been through the whole pregnancy thing, you will know that there comes a time when the baby is no longer kicking, but every movement causes an involuntary belly dance. Much to the children’s amusement we balanced a number of grapes on Mrs Geek’s tummy, and watched the baby kick them off. You can literally see the movements from the other side of the room.

Alas this is not an option afforded to Mrs Geek. As amusing as it may seem from the outside, it is not quite so funny when it is your bladder the baby chooses to use as a punch bag.

Baby\'s First Squeeze Toy

I think this is another example of the “selective amnesia” that we experience when it comes to pregnancy. Sure we can remember the other two moving and kicking, but this all-out attempt to break out … this seems new. Do we have a child with even more energy on our hands?


We are now in full scale evacuation mode. Pineapples, curry, going for walks. Now the sceptic in me would normally brush these off as “Old Wives Tales”, but some old wives tales have there benefits too, because many people have told us that the best way to get it out is the same way as it got in 😉

Natural Induction

9 Responses to Stand back … She’s gonna blow!

  1. tendrils says:

    Very cute photo! 🙂 I remember being way overdue with Punky…and I had to be induced…and we waited 39 hours before having a c-section…….but at a whopping 11 lbs 4 oz……..he wasn’t coming out on his own!!!
    Keep us posted!

  2. Nemma says:

    I was the same tendrils, 40 hours and a section. Jack wasnt quite so heavy at 9lb half an ounce, but he was extremely tall for a newborn apparently (Average length is 23cm, he was 29!)
    as for all the old wives tales, I was so desparate I tried them all too, unfortunately it didnt work lol.
    I hope he or she arrives soon though!!!!!!

  3. tendrils says:

    Hey—mine is a Jack too! 😉

  4. Nemma says:

    Must be a Jack thing! lol

  5. Mr Geek says:

    tendrils: OMG 11lbs! So far both of our have been around the 8lb mark.

    Nemma: No C-Sections or inductions so far … but my son was due to be induced the day after he was born … and even then he hung on for dear life. The had to use ventouse which if you are unfamiliar is the funniest thing (in retrospect … not so good at the time.) The basically stick a little plunger to his head and pull! Poor little thing had a big bruise on the back of his head for days.

    Hard to imagine that he is now 7 years old and walking around terrorising his sister!

  6. Mr Geek says:

    OH and Jack was very much in the running when we were choosing names for my little girl, but Mrs Geek’s sister has since called he eldest Jack, so it is no longer available.

    I think there should be some way to register your interest in a name and “reserve it” for your future use within your immediate family.

  7. Tendrils says:

    I totally agree with that! There are some really cool names out there that I LOVE! (And being a teacher, there are many more names that I can’t stand! LOL!) SO, naming a kid in my house is tough!

    I was just checking in to see if you had any “news” yet! 🙂

  8. Mr Geek says:

    Nothing yet. Just a hot frustrated wife. I suggested she use the birthing pool to cool off and I gut the stare

  9. Nemma says:

    I know a couple of babies who have been delivered with ventouse, They normally have funny shaped heads too dont they?
    Luke was an elective c section and was still quite high under my ribs so he was delivered with forceps, Thats the only way I can tell which ones which in thier immediate newborn pics lol. A little red mark on Lukes head.
    I really don’t envy Mrs Geek, Its not fun at all being pregnant in June…

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