Stork Watch

Wow … shooting for 3 in just over 24 hours (It’ll never last)

Stork WatchToday, as you may or may not know, is The Day. According to both scans, the baby is due today.

It would, however, appear that somebody forgot to tell the baby. Or it is already imitating it’s big-brother with the “Just a minute … I’ll be right there” approach to time keeping (I have no idea where they get that from).

Now for me this is not a big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to seeing the baby and I am curious to find out if it is a boy or a girl, but I am actually very calm about it and if anything I am enjoying the last few days of seeing my beautiful wife carrying my unborn child for the last time (She soundly assures me that this is our last).

Mrs Geek however is in rather a confused state of mind. Firstly there is the fact that she wants the baby to come when it is good and ready and not before as the plan is to have a natural home-birth, and this has required us to get to 38 weeks before they recommend home-birthing as an option.

Quicker by FedexWell 38 weeks came and went so all is well, but now the other end of the window is in sight, in that the doctors advise that if the baby has not arrived within 2 weeks of the due date, then it is time to be induced. Again this is not part of the plan.

But yesterday my attention was brought to a third strand to my darling wife’s thought streams, in that she is actually getting rather nervous about the actually delivery. Call me niaeve but this is not something I had expected. This from the woman that delivered our last child with not so much as a whiff of gas and air.

Again, I don’t want you to think I am stupid, of course I know it stings a bit (ok … that was sarcasm before I get abuse from anyone lacking a Y chromosome), but being a man I quite obviously did not experience it. This coupled with the fact that she has shown no sign of concern before, and if anything had been rather matter of fact about the whole home-birth thing, now took me somewhat off guard.

What am I expected to say about it. How can I, as a man, reassure a woman that has had two children that she has nothing to worry about when it comes to labour? …

That’s right … I resorted to sarcasm … and so, in the spirit of using my blog to send personal messages … for that my Beautiful Wife I Am Really Sorry.

Feeling For 2

On a mitigating note, we may have resolved the issue of picking names. It was solved the way I could have predicted it would have been right from the start. Mrs Geek kept settling on names that I agreed with right up until the end when all of a sudden, there were some entirely new names in the frame, to which I have resigned myself (actually I quite like them, but she will change them again if she finds that out) … however I am sure that if the baby does not come sometime soon, we will only be left with Fifi Trixibell or Rufus Tiger!

4 Responses to Stork Watch

  1. tendrils says:

    Wow! The time has flown! Congrats! Keep us posted!

  2. Nemma says:

    ooooh! How exciting!
    I was induced with Jack, He was determined that he wanted to stay where he was but we had other ideas lol.
    If its any consolation, my sister in law has had three and is pregnant wih her fourth. She’s petrified! I think its an anticipation of knowing what you are in for thats more scary than the actual birth if you understand me?
    Hope Baby number three doesnt keep you waiting too long, although its nice to let them arrive when they are ready, that last few weeks of constant “Have you not had that baby yet?” (Err, does it look like it???) and “You will let us know when it arrives wont you?” (No, I thought I’d leave it until we’re celebrating its 18th birthday!!!)
    and the all round, gaurenteed to turn an overdue mother to be into a raging ball of hormones “I bet your getting fed up now arent you???” (No, Im perfectly happy to let people ask me the same stupid questions over and over again, I love the fact that my ankles are the size of footballs and that my back feels like Ive done ten rounds with Mike Tyson!!!)
    Anyway, Hope he or she arrives naturally very quickly and that everything goes well!

  3. RC says:

    I vote Bertha Gertrude if it is a girl! (Just kidding… Honest!)

  4. Mr Geek says:

    My son was voting for Pikachu for a while

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