Excuses, excuses

When I started blogging back in January, it was therapeutic, I had so much to talk about that it was liberating to open up and spill forth.

This past month or so however I have barely had time to think. Much has happened, many things that were notable enough to be blogged, but alas I have been too busy to stop and reflect.

So, time to catch up … Some of the things that I have been up to (in no particular order)

  • I shot a wedding back towards the end of March. And many an evening was lost to putting together an album and photobook combination. The results are wonderful, but sometimes I wonder if I do not spend too long making sure that everything is perfect. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I really enjoy doing this, but sleep is important too.
  • We went on holiday to EspaniaEspaña as I have mentioned, but this left me with lots of catch-up work to some how fit around the other parts of daily life.
  • My son and I went on his rugby tour. After a small falling out with the rugby club a number of the parents got together and arrange a “Rebel Tour” of Northampton. A truly excellent time.
    Run boy ... RUNTeam KirkhamMan and Boy
  • I have now joined my children’s (my daughter will be starting in September, and has a few “Taster” days coming up) school’s “Parents Society” and volunteered for far more than was actually sensible. Thus Friday night saw me as “Official Photographer” at their summer ball. A pretty much pro-bono type of arrangement in which I spent the night harassing people for money and taking their photos, I just about finished in time to get the last dance with Mrs Geek. However I have had many people express their gratitude, and I did actually really quite enjoy it.
  • I also volunteered to make a DVD of photos of the year 6 leavers. Another enjoyable, yet time consuming task.
  • We went down to Bristol to see My Parents and some of our friends. It was so so good to catch up. I made the mistake of saying to Mrs Geek “We should do this more often”, only to be told “We would if it were not for your rugby” … Ahh … Moving along
  • The rugby season has come to and end, and to be honest I am ready for the break … alas Mrs Geek seems to think that anything outside of rugby season is DIY season … so I spent the weekend building a stupendously large set of bookshelves for our “Library”.
    BooksThe Beautiful Room
  • All this has had to be dispersed around the 50 hour working weeks that I have been having to do at work, and it still looks like I am going to miss my deadline!

I know, I know, these are all pathetic excuses for not keeping the blog up to date, but they are what I have. I will try not to slack off so much in the future, but you will have to understand that there are times when life gets in the way of blogging.

6 Responses to Excuses, excuses

  1. Tendrils says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy!!!! 🙂

  2. Mr Geek says:

    I’m sure no more busy than you, and you have still managed to keep posting.

    There really is no excuse other than procrastination.

    The irony is that when I have the most to say, I have the least time to say it!

  3. RC says:

    I didn’t realize ou had started posting again! 😉 Love the bookshelf and am very jealous. Want to visit the states briefly and assist us in creating one? (I just recommend waiting until we dry out a bit…)

  4. Mr Geek says:

    There seems to be a slight irony in my blogging in that the more I have to say, the less time I have to say it.

    As for the bookshelves we had been planning it for … well as long as I can remember! We both love reading, but our books have spent the last 2 years in boxes in the garage, where we had a few casualties due to the rain 😦 I was also banned from buying any new books until the shelves were done … So I had to get them done.

    Now I have been let off the leash again … I just need to find the time to go shopping 🙂

  5. BookMama says:

    Did you really build those bookshelves in one weekend? Oh, how I would love shelves like that! We have hardly any room for bookshelves (one set in each kid’s room, plus one in our bedroom) and believe me, we have TONS of books. In case you couldn’t tell my my name. 🙂

  6. Mr Geek says:

    Most of it was done over the course of one weekend, but not before I unfortunately lost 2 boxes of books to the rain, where we had left them in the outhouse.

    So sad, but it did get me to get on with the shelves.

    And it means Mrs Geek has (at least temporarily) lifted the Geek house book embargo.

    I could spend days, weeks, months just looking through book stores

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