My name is Mr Geek and I am an amazon addict

Those of you that know me may know I have a slight fetish for amazon. Books were my gateway drug … but later I moved on to DVD’s music and I have even been known to use them for light electrical items and soft-core photography kit.

So imagine my delight when a friend talked me into another means of donating money to help swell their coffers.

DVD rental. To begin with I was sceptical. I stopped using blockbuster years ago, because I could never be bothered to go to the store and pick out a movie and when I did I could not make up my mind what to get. To top it off I would then get fined when I failed to take it back. All in all it is not what I consider to be a great arrangement.

However, it would appear that amazon DVD Rental is not like this. Basically you browse the site, and it seems to have as comprehensive a selection as the purchasing experience with which to build up a wish list. Then, subject to what level package you choose, they send one of the DVDs that you have chosen. When you have watched it, you simply put the DVD into the postage paid envelope and pop it in the post and wait for your next DVD to arrive.

The best bit is … There are NO LATE FEES.

The only thing holding me up is the Negotiation process with Mrs Geek as to what level we should get. Personally I would like to get the all you can eat plan … but so far I have only managed to talk her into the 2 per month plan … wish me luck!

P.S. You notice that I have not even mentioned Handbrake … the thought hadn’t even crossed my mind 😉

P.P.S. They are currently offering a 2 week free trial


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