Brock Bottoms

This Sunday was a cold crisp day, one of the first really nice crisp days that we have had so far this year, so we took the opportunity to get a little bit rural.

I had also bought a new prime lens for my camera (Dirt cheap, but I must say it seems rather good), so it provided me with an opportunity to try it out!

Oi Sunbeam

It had been raining a little so, we went prepared, kitted out with welly boots, coats and hats …

Keep Warm Hat

Which proved to be great fun for my little girl …

Paddle Trip Trapping
Muddy Puddles

But why is it that her brother always has to go that one step farther…?

Tarzan Out of his depth

2 Responses to Brock Bottoms

  1. Nemma says:

    Looks like you had a good day out! We’ve recently discovered puddles in our house, although Jacks a bit braver than Luke with them tbh……
    Having said that I did have to wade into a shin deep puddle the other day and pull Jack out. I thought I would have to do a wellie rescue mission too lol
    Lovely pics of the kids too!

  2. Mr Geek says:

    I was stood there taking photos of him thinking “I’m gonna have to go and save him in a minute”, but then I realised he is nearly as strong a swimmer as I am … He can get himself out.

    There was an old couple in the car next too us watching and having hysterics. I consider that to be my good deed for the day … bringing joy to old folks.

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