Cosmetic Injury

Once again I am have been given a gentle reminder that my indestructibility seems to have worn off.

Let me start by saying that as captain of my team I am responsible for ensuring I have a team for the match, and as things stood on the Saturday morning I was still a player short.

Now it sounds simple enough that the team below us is supposed to pass up their player and request downwards etc, but alas it is all too easy to come up with reasons that any given player is “unable” to change plans. Thus it is always wise to go with a some form of leverage, and being that our game was due to finish before the start of their game I suggested that some of my players might be interested in a second game and thus quid pro quo.

However our game did not go overly well and all of a sudden the international match looked more appealing to many of my players than the thought of staying out in the rain and getting battered and bruised any further. I attempted to remind them that this is what they choose to do for recreation, but to most the allure of a warm bar and a big screen was too great, so as seems to be the way I had to fall on my sword and offer myself up (Does it sound like I may be protesting too much? I must remind you that Mrs Geek does occasionally read this so it needs to be convincing … shhh).

In all honesty it was rather pleasant to play for them. It meant that I didn’t walk away from the day without tasting victory at least once (don’t even speak of the International debacle that I was all too lucky to have missed).

Too Old For ThisIt did also leave me with another souvenir of the day.

To be honest it looks worse than it feels and at least it gives other people the opportunity to be a stand up comedian. It is what we always used to describe as a “Cosmetic Injury” as it makes it look as though you have been doing a lot without the associated pain. Unfortunately Mrs Geek’s well of sympathy regarding rugby injuries seems to have run dry, but that makes me feel less guilty about telling everyone I meet that it is a result of her temper at my leaving the laundry discarded on the bedroom floor once to often.

On reflection, maybe two games in a day is a little too much at my age. If nothing else maybe I should take care to protect my ravishing good looks.

2 Responses to Cosmetic Injury

  1. Nemma says:

    Ouch!!!!! That looks painful!
    If you’d been playing football though you’d have had to have had a fortnight off work for that as well as the air ambulance out to deal with your life threatening injuries…..

  2. Mr Geek says:

    Indeed. When it comes to injuries there is a common phrase at our club of WWRD (What Would [Cristiano… I spit in his general direction] Ronaldo Do). I can scarcely imagine the acrobatic dive that any contact of this nature may have induced.

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