Hakuna Matata

I’m back from the big city which was great, and although there is a lot to talk about, it occurred to me the other day that there are 2 members of our Family that I have completely failed to mention since I started the blog.
Introducing Nala & Simba

Simba + NalaLast year we decided that it would be fun to get the Children some pets and after a little thought we decided on Rabbits.

Meeting Nala Meeting SimbaAfter a little googleing we came across The Sunflower Nursery. After going to see the little babies that were available the children picked out their favourites and we waited for them to be old enough to leave their mother. The kids were really excited to be getting these Rabbits, they couldn’t come soon enough so we counted down the days on the calendar. This is where I would like to thank Nicola from The Sunflower Nursery for all that she did. We got regular e-mailed photos with pictures of the rabbits and updates of their progress.

Baby LionsOnce we found out that they were a boy and a girl, the naming of our two Lion-head rabbits was relatively simple. Thus they were Labelled Simba and Nala

We finally picked them up on Easter weekend last year, and partially due to my incompetence as a carpenter and partially due to the fact that Mrs Geek is a soft touch, they have ended up being house rabbits. Despite receiving apples, carrots, toys and even specially purchased sticks to chew on, they have slowly gone around destroying our house. They have now eaten or at least partially eaten the skirting boards, tables, chairs, slippers, the remote control for the TV, the piano, the curtains and basically anything that is left in their path (or even slightly accessible to a rabbit). Consequently they are no longer the little nervous balls of fluff that they once were. They are now 2 big lumps of fluff that will come and nibble your hair or ears while you are watching TV.

And Sunday was their 1st birthday! So belatedly (Sorry guys)…


On Pride Rock

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