Think thin err…. Tuesday???

OK, better late than never.

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was going to keep you updated with my progress in the battle of the bulge.

My plan is to go running 3 mornings per week, and although last week did not go according to plan, I am on target for reaching this week’s total despite my impending trip to London.

Last week my running partner proved to be surprisingly fragile once more (I will point out that neither of us look all that fragile), and although as he pointed out I was free to run without him, I find it very difficult to drag my sorry carcass out of bed at 6am if I am not motivated by the need not to leave him on my doorstep in sub-freezing conditions.

However we were back in action this week providing entertainment for the more athletic types also frequent the park that we choose to plod around. I do admire people that can motivate themselves into exercise without the fear of turning into Sherman Clump.

So once I had caught my breath and hosed myself down, it was time for the moment of truth. Now I am not expecting miracles and I did start from a rather bulky figure to begin with, but I will confess to being a little concerned that my week off and the odd moment of weakness over the past 2 weeks might have made me look rather silly on only my second public weigh-in.

96.0 kg (sounds much better than 211 lbs)

That’s a reduction of 2.5kg (This is where I like old units. 5.5 lbs)

Well, it’s a start. Small steps and all that. Still having pudding cravings though.


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