Happy Valentine’s Day

Love HeartNotice that I did not say St. Valentine’s Day. Patron saint of lovers or not, somewhere the traditional meaning has been taken and turned into a commercial nightmare.

However do not mock this Hallmark Holiday, today is Valentine’s Day. And for those of us that are in a relationship that means the card, the flowers and/or some other present and/or some romantic gesture that is difficult to pull off.

These things are NOT OPTIONAL!

In our house our budget is rather tight (i.e. we are running at a deficit, or at least we were) so every effort is being made to economise and be sensible. So Mrs Geek has said one of these economies should be to cut out spending on things like greeting cards.

Sorry, but who is she trying to kid!

No matter how much your partner may say it is not required, don’t be suckered in, there will be a little something inside that stings if their loved one doesn’t make that effort. They can Protest as much as they like, but we all know that they will love us that little bit less if we don’t do something!

Men are easily pleased, because without getting too graphic, most men have the same main preoccupation and is free. But what do you do if your significant other lacks a Y chromosome.

Now Mrs Geek and I have been together for 10 years now, and hopefully we will remain together for many more to come, and I don’t expect this to be based upon my Valentine’s Day actions or inactions, but I would like to show my wife that some of the spark is still there. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I lack the passion to do something spontaneous or I have run out of desire to please her, however striking the balance between being impulsive and being annoying is like sleeping on a 4 inches of mattress … possible, but not exactly easy. Add to the equation that after being together 10 years most of my A game moves have been played it means romance on a budget in the grown-up world of jobs and children is challenging to say the least.

Now I don’t want it to sound like I am after your pity because I believe that I have this year sorted (lets hope!), but I am all too aware that I am running out of ideas. So any suggestions that will help me show that not only do I love my wife, I am still very much in love with her would be greatly appreciated.

2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. imhelendt says:

    Here’s my suggestion: Put the kids to bed early. Can you cook? If you can cook, then by God, cook for her! If not, get some candles, turn the lights down low, put on some soft music, open a bottle of wine or champagne then TALK. But not about kids or household bills or mundane everyday things. And if you can’t cook make a meal of some gourmet cheeses, a loaf of bread, some fruit and some gourmet chocolates. Then give her a backrub and a foot rub and tell her why you love her. It’s cheap and she’ll think she died and went to heaven. 🙂

  2. Mr Geek says:

    This may be my in plan for next year. She is a very understanding lady, unfortunately I had to spend the evening at rugby training last night, so we barely got to see each other.

    I did (you’ll be glad to hear) manage to avoid the roses though. Her favourites are white lilies.

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