Spring Has Sprung

Well keeping up the blog rate was going to fade sometime. The past few days have gone in something of a blur.

Having set up the Photo Studio (i.e. The front room and enough lights to illuminate a major sports event) I have been trying to fit both taking and processing photos (I will post some later) around the hectic routine that Mrs. Geek and I try to convince ourselves resemble normal family life.

To be honest, as weekends go, this one was really quite enjoyable. Starting with a school Disco on Friday night.

School discos are great fun to the outside observer. The recipe seems to be take 1 or more children, fill them with approximately 1 ton of sugar (multiply this for additional children), gee them up and play silly music. It is like a large scale model of Brownian motion. Having been all but frisked to ensure that I was not leaving with any money left in my pockets, the job is to some how talk my 2 little sugar saturated balls of energy into the idea that it was time for bed. All in all, not the most relaxing of evenings, but I have to admit to being amused by my daughter’s attempts at dancing and as much as it was not exactly a quiet dinner for 2 that I would have chosen, it was nice to have an opportunity to sit and chat to my wife without too many distractions (other than the music and the room full of kids).

Saturday also went well as on top of the second successive victory for my rugby team (I’ll spare you the details of my try, I will however not fail to mention it at any available opportunity), it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, we had finally finished with winter. It was a lovely clear day that could even have been described as… well if not warm, then at least tepid. Also the sun decided that it would hang on until beyond the end of the match, so rather than walking in heads down in the dreary twilight as has been the case all too often, we got to bask in our glory and feel as though we had turned the corner and there was no stopping us … well at least not until next week.

And on top of the general melee the accompanies a Sunday Mrs. Geek had invited two of the kid’s friends around with their parents for a late lunch, so I have been Jonesing for my internet fix, and my blog neglect. Back to work now, so I have far more time on my hands, just don’t tell my employer.

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