Think Thin Thursday

Think Thin Thursday

This morning my fellow masochist running partner and I failed to come up with an appropriate excuse to avoid effort managed to overcome our logistical difficulties (did I mention my ear! [1] [2] [3] [4]… ok maybe I did), and hit the pavement (as I have pointed out I am rather robust and my running partner is not ballet dancer either) for only the second time this fine year. [Wow that was quite exceptionally bad grammar. You can come up for air now.]

Lets say it was not the most enjoyable jaunt around the park I have ever had. I could feel every one of the runs I had missed, aching in my muscles, telling me that I had left it for far too long. More importantly I could tell that I may have been dragging around a little excess baggage in the form of chocolate / hot dogs / M&S Bread and Butter Pudding. Oh how I will miss thee 😥

Now I don’t want to get all Bridget Jones on you, but I have decided that enough is enough. Don’t get me wrong, I am unlikely to go on a Diet as such, but do I really need to finish the packet of sausage, just because they will get left in the fridge, and just because my wife is eating for 2, do I need to share this part of the experience. After all she will loose weight breast feeding, Moobs dont do that!

So I weighed myself and in this era of honesty and transparency, I will declare that I came out at 98.5kg. Not necessarily as bad as I had feared, but a good chunk over my wedding weight. Now in previous efforts to shed the pounds, I have struggled to maintain the focus (It was a mistake to mention the M&S Pudding … mmm … must resist) so I have decided that I will name and shame myself. I will do a check in every 2 weeks and publicly (well, to the 6 or 7 people that read this blog) declare my weight.

Right … I need to post this before I think this through.


One Response to Think Thin Thursday

  1. imhelendt says:

    21 days to make it a habit. Just concentrate on the 21 days. 🙂

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