Sexual Time

Today I had one of those, I can’t stop laughing, moments. As much as LOL may get banded about, it is quite rare that I actually do laugh out loud.

I was playing table football with my son today, and we were playing for ages, when he told me that we were going to be going into “Sexual Time”. Well I was stunned! Upon interrogation he told me … “You know like on Fifa Street Soccer” … Now I am rapidly trying to reassure myself that I have not given my son an entirely in appropriate game, so I investigate further and he tells me … “You have half time … Full time … and Sexual Time” and the penny drops that he means Extra time, so I am failing quite badly in trying to suppress my laughter.

I have no idea how this got into his head … but as my wife said … I am glad he said it when he did and not somewhere more embarrassing.

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