Anyone got a spare philosophers stone

My little girl has just grasped the concept of death. I don’t know exactly where it came from, but she is now concerned.

This is the conversation we had the other day

Daughter : I’ll miss you very much
Me : Why, where are you going
D : When you die.
Me : What!?!?
D : Are you going to die soon? You have lines on your head ?!?!
Me : What (worried thoughts. is she psychic, can she sense death?)
D : The lines on your head … like Gran
Me : Oh you mean wrinkles (A bit harsh … but I’m not dying now so I’ll let is slide). No I’m not going to die, I want to watch you grow up.
D : When will you die (She is persistent)
Me : Never (in for a penny)
D : OK

So you see it would seem that I may have to up the anti on my training regime as I am now contractually* obliged to achieve immortality. Looking back though I’m still not sure I am happy about the “Lines like Gran” comment.

[* it’s a verbal contract … it’ll never hold up right …]

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