Our secret little shame

The last post brought-up a shameful secret hidden in Mrs Geek’s past. Not so long ago I unearthed a shameful yet unfortunately not illegal neglect shown in Mrs Geek’s upbringing that at first, I admit, I had great difficulty in accepting as being true.

Now, I understand that being a girl and all she was into Cindy and Care Bears and all that, and she was more likely to watch the abomination that was Shera whereas I got the brilliance that was He-Man.

But tell me, how does one go through life, 30 years, having never watched a Star Wars movie. Not one! To have watched Toy Story 2 where the evil emperor Zurg tells Buzz 2 “I am your father” and to watch others around you laughing … I tell you somebody should be held accountable. Thankfully as a caring husband I have put this right, but there is more …

Upon further investigation, alas it would seem our shameful story does not stop here. It would appear that the following mandatory viewing has also been callously missed

  • The entire James Bond Archive
  • The Indiana Jones Trilogy
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Terminator and Terminator 2
  • Citizen Kane
  • All the Monty Python’s
  • Blade Runner
  • The worst thing is that the poor girl does not realise that there is anything to be ashamed of. Don’t worry, although this may he a heavy burden, when I married her I agreed to “For better or for worse” so I will not hold it against her. After all she is the victim in this whole affair.

    My only worry is that there are other items of mandatory viewing that I may have complacently overlooked. Feel free to point out anything that you believe should be mandatory watching list.

    One Response to Our secret little shame

    1. tendrils says:

      Oh Oh! I too have NEVER seen a James Bond movie! *cringe*
      I LOVE RESERVOIR DOGS! Citizen Kane is a sore spot in our marriage……. I can’t believe the ending to this day! I had some prime words at the end! Monty Python *gulp* never watched those either. 😦 The rest on your list are classics! (And I have seen them!) So….be nice to Mrs. Geek! She’s not alone!

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