My new cause for salivation

I am not sure how they do it, but the people at Apple have me not just desiring their new product, they have me coming up with reasons as to why I absolutly NEED a new laptop. Before this week I was unaware that I wanted a new laptop, however that must have been a foolish oversight on my part, which Apple have now corrected. This phenomenon has been nicknamed the “Steve Jobs reality distortion field”.

For those of you that have not seen what they announced this week, it was the thinnest laptop in the world.

MacBook Air
The MacBook Air.

Check out the advert

Now the thing is, I used to be practical. I wanted the most powerful PC that my money would buy, but about 2 years ago I caught the apple bug. I justified it in that I wanted a Mac Pro which has power coming out of it’s beautifully designed vents. I also told myself that all serious photographers use Macs. But it is a slippery slide once you get bitten by the Apple bug. I would love to say that it is the fact that OS X is better than windows, which is possibly true, but I fear it is nothing quite so sensible.

I am more and more pulled along by the beauty of the objects. The IPhone, although flawed in many serious ways, has me looking at my current phone as if it has some kind of disease.

Now I find myself being wooed by the beautiful stylings of the new Macbook Air. I can’t claim it is for anything sensible. It is purely the beauty of the object. Style over substance.

I have yet to come up with any reasons that actually get past even my distorted reality let alone my wife’s thrifty fiscal control. I am working on it … I’ll leave you with this image of divine beauty

An open Macbook Air is a thing of divine beauty

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