HRH Queen Of Drama

… some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Well I am angling for the later when it comes to how I achieved the noble position of official “Drama Queen” of the day.

I know umpteen blokes that have had cauliflower ears, and as far as I was aware it was a simple procedure to drain it and be on my way. This, alas, was not to be.

As I detailed earlier, I got to hospital at 4pm yesterday afternoon, and waited for a theatre to become free, so that they could clean out my ear… and I waited … and I waited.

If patience is good for the soul, they fixed more than just my ear. At 8:30pm I was taken through to the theatre for my op. I awoke rather groggy late yesterday evening for some tablets and then promptly passed out until about 6:30 this morning. The reason I got up was because the lady was doing the rounds with the breakfasts, and I was starving. So 34 hours after my last meal I am greeted by a bowl of cornflakes! To say I was disappointed would be quite the understatement, but that being said … It was the most welcome bowl of cornflakes I had ever had.

After a touch more waiting the doctor told me that it all went well and that once they had brought me my meds, I was free to leave. So I waited … Two hours later they arrived … so I was free to go … except I needed a doctors note … another hour later I was told that I merely had to go and pick one up at the office. It would appear that my newly acquired position of royalty doesn’t get you very far in an NHS hospital.

So I have returned home, wrapped up like King Tut’s hypochondriac older brother, and I feel like I have not eaten since his burial. So forgive me for keeping it short, I have to go get a pizza.

I have included a picture for your general amusement

Drama Queen

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