Going to the theatre

So after last nights entertaining visit to the hospital, I ended up coming home with a compression bandage wrapped around my head, much to the amusement of Mrs Geek, who again accused me of being something of a drama queen. As if I asked to be made to look like Mr Bump.

Apparently this compression bandage would stop the ear from refilling, and could I come back at 11, in order for them to check that it had not re-bled. Now I knew that Mrs Geek was helping out at church this morning, and being that it is right next to the hospital, I could stroll over after church.

Well as mentioned before, I have had trouble sleeping of late. Now add the fact that I am wearing a bandage on my head and I can not put one of my ears on the pillow, I had an entertaining night. To make matters worse, it was pretty much pointless seeing as my ear had refilled regardless.

This morning I attended church with Mrs Geek and the kids. Afterwards we go to the coffee morning and chitter-chatter with some of the other members of the congregation. Whilst there I had a cup of tea and a biscuit before popping into the hospital.

Once there the doctor ummed and ahhed about it, and decided to refer me to the Ear, Nose and Throat department. I agreed and cringed at what I knew Mrs Geek’s reaction would be to all the fuss.

So an hour later I get to speak to the ENT specialist and he has told me that I need to go to theatre and have a general anaesthetic! However I must not have eaten for 6 hours before hand, so the tea and biscuit has cost me 5 hours.

That was all this morning, so now I am sat here on the ward, waiting as a non-emergency for an emergency theatre. The nurse has warned me to be prepared for quite a wait … with no food.

I am gutted that I didn’t have more than a cup of tea and a biscuit.

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